Monday, November 7, 2011

Momma's and Daddy's

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Did you ever have a clue??

NOPE.....I want you to think about this question!!  Did you ever have a CLUE how much your mom and dad LOVE you until you had your own kids??
REALLY THINK about it for a minute........

I had no idea what so ever!!!  I did not start having children until I was 34 and I NEVER gave it any thought!!!  Our parents LOVE us unconditionally EVERY moment of EVERY day!!!! 

Tonight I was walking around the kitchen helping with homework, cleaning out lunchboxes, soothing a sore mouth and it dawned on me.....WOW, my MOM did all of this for me!!!!  It is a HARD job that she didn't get any recognition for BUT she didn't want or need recognition either!!  She did it because she LOVES me!!
THIS is exactly what was going through my head tonight!!!  I get up every morning with the sole purpose of taking care of my husband and my children!!  That is MY PURPOSE!!!!  I do not need any recognition, though I get it through the LOVE that my family gives me on a daily basis!!!  I KNOW that I can look back and KNOW that I have lived my life doing EXACTLY what I LOVE !!! 

SO, if you do not have children STOP and think about all of the little things that your parents have done for you!!  IF you have children....
YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. well that made my day,,,thank you so much but i fo feel like the main purpose in life is to be mother and grandmother to 5 beautiful children!!!!!i feel the only thing i feel like i can do and do well,,,maybe some dont agree but i know i did the best i could.... and i never loved anyone as much as my babies..big and smalll

  2. okay, I am teary now. I have known, for quite some time, how awesome my parents were, 'cause being a Mama of 2 grown boys, it gives you such a different perspective of your life and how blessed you are. Good for you, for sharing these thoughts with all of us!

  3. I realized that right after Grace was born...I told my mom while she was helping me in the new mommy days while she was in town, and I felt so guilty that I never knew the full extent of her love and I thanked her and still thank her every time I can...for putting up with me!


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