Friday, November 11, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 37

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 37

Tonight I am featuring Nathaniel's Christmas Tree!!!  He is SOOOOO SUPER DUPER excited!!!  He helped me decorate it and he wants to leave the lights on all of the time!! 
He LOVES Thomas the Train so he wanted a THOMAS TREE!!  He has a million Thomas the Trains so we took some of them and hung them on his tree and then of course THOMAS is the tree topper!  He then wanted a Thomas track that my brother gave him to go "around and around" his tree!!  I think it turned out

I want you to get ONE thing from this only have a few precious years of childhood innocence!!!  So enjoy the sweet joys of every day and CHRISTMAS!!!!!

See you tomorrow for
Day 38!!!


  1. Stopping by from Friday Favorites,

    This is GREAT! Your tree is adorable, your boy will think you are the best ever and is sure to remember this year fondly for the rest of his life. I truly believe someday he will be telling his grandchildren about the Train Tree. Great job!

    Theophanie of

  2. This is so cute!! My little boy is obsessed with cars, we have a zillion laying around, they would be perfect on a tree! Thanks for the idea! :)


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