Friday, November 4, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Day 31

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Choatic Christmas Countdown
Day 31

Today I was blessed to be able to spend an afternoon with some of my AMAZING friends!!  It was SUPER DUPER fun to hear the PIONEER WOMAN speak and eat some of her delicious recipes!!!
When I started the 80 DAY CHAOTIC COUNTDOWN, I said that I would be giving some holiday "TIPS" WELL.....this is a "TIP" day!!
While we were eating lunch today a friend of mine brought to my attention something that I had done!!!  SOOOOOOOOOOO, since I am an open book........... I am going to PUT IT ALLLLLLLL OUT THERE!!!!  ;)
She is a CRAFTY friend like me and takes a lot of pride in the things she does!!  We were sitting there eating lunch when it was BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION that I had not been to the LAST 3 things that she had invited me to at her house!!!  She went on to tell me that it was disappointing when she goes to all of the trouble and she feels like I am someone who would really appreciate it and I DON'T SHOW UP!!!!!! 
It made me feel HORRIBLE!!! I am an IDIOT....a COMPLETE MORON!!!  I soooooo NEEDED her INTERVENTION!!!!! :0
 I truly value her friendship and it made me REALLY start thinking about what she had said!!!
So DAY 31 is dedicated to this subject!!!  During the holiday season we all get so CHAOTIC and  wrapped up in our lives that we don't stop and THINK!!  I just keep thinking that if the tables were turned my feelings would be soooooo HURT!!!!  I KNOW how much time and effort goes into preparing for gatherings and parties and I get upset when my friends can't come!!!! 
So the POINT is.......TAKE TIME to realize how much TIME, BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS your friends have put into their parties and do everything in your power to go and ENJOY the FRUITS of their LABOR!!!!!  It really will MAKE THEIR NIGHT!!!!!
I have had a MAJOR eye opening day and realized how selfish I have been!!  I am going to really take the time to start showing my friends that I LOVE THEM and APPRECIATE all that they do !!!
Happy Holidays!!!

WOOOOO HOOOOOO tomorrow we are getting the CHRISTMAS stuff out of the attic!!!

See you tomorrow for
DAY 32
Chaotic Christmas Countdown!!!


  1. u r not a moron u just try to do to much..slow down and take time to enjoy what you have ...great friends...enjoy life and stop trying to do it are far more that a moron baby...slow down

  2. I completely get the Christmas chaos. I am trying to get an early start on gifts but then life gets involved and I will probably be in the rat race again. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog your comment was greatly appreciated!

  3. I've been meaning to talk to you about this :o) I know we have BOTH been busy (everyone is busy it seems like from Oct. thru Dec) and it HAS been bothering me that I as well haven't made time to catch up...things will slow down or NOT, and I would come to your parties if I lived closer!! I come to some even 5 hours away and love every minute that you crack the whip putting me to work! I love you!!


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