Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living Life in the CHAOS!!

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I have been really hanging out in Blogland and reading soooo many blogs and coming across soooo many different takes on life, family, and beliefs!!!  I have been moved by some of these posts and it has made me stand back and take a look at our life and beliefs!!! 
It seems that we get up everyday and have a million things that HAVE to be done!!  Laundry, dishes, cleaning, homework, baths.....  I have a list that has to be done and going from here to there for the kids, it just seems like I never stop to take it all in!!!    Like every family, life just flies by!!! 
WE as a family always eat dinner together and every night we take a walk and play outside every night BUT ME....I am changing and taking IN my kids EVERY day and EVERY moment!!!

This is a walk we take out behind our house and I wanted to capture EVERY moment!!!  My children are soooooo precious and I LOVE them both beyond words!!  They, along with MY TODD, make my life COMPLETE!!!

You can NEVER get the moments back SOOOOO take time to notice them!!! 
LOL....DO NOT judge me when you see the 5 loads of laundy in my room that need to be folded.....I am TAKING IN THE MOMENTS!!!!! 

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  1. you are living life, exactly as it should be, precious! I love looking through your eyes....


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