Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 48

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 48

Today I am compiling a

I am going to list out some cool things to put in your stockings this year!!  I always seem to have a hard time coming up with REALLY COOL and UNUSUAL stocking stuffers so I am hoping that this list will help everyone out during this VERY CHAOTIC time of year!!
I am going to show you two lists!!  I for adults and the other for children!!!


DVD                           Small Pic Frames
Memory Card              Mittens                         
Garden Seeds               Stamps             
Pedometer                    Ear Buds                      
Homemade Coupons              Hot Sauce                  
Lottery Tickets                   Pen                                 Bubble Bath                 Books
Candles                         Luggage Tags
Golf Balls                     Kitchen Gadgets
Toothbrush                   Roll of Quarters
Bandaids                      Batteries
Soaps                           Scarf
Fireplace Lighters        Car Freshener
Tape Measure              Cell Phone Cover
Magazine                     Gift Cards
Hair Products               Earrings
Socks                            Glitter


Silly Putty                           iTunes Card
Slinky                                 Matchbox Cars
Coins                                   Movie Tickets
$2 Bill                                 Magazine
Coloring Book                     Travel Games
Toothbrush                           Gift Cards
Chapstick                             Candy
Lip Gloss                            Chuck E Cheese Tickets
Barrettes                           Mcdonald's Gift Coupons
Straws                               Bandaids
Pens/Pencils                    Perfume/Cologne Samples
Jewelry                                   Oranges
Small Purse                           Snowman Poop
Small Flashlight                    Nail Polish
Socks                                     Stickers
Stamps                                      Legos
YoYo                                       Marbles
Magnets                                    Balls
Bubbles                                    Hacky Sak
Card Games                          Puzzles                         
Glo Stick

I will probably be adding to this over the next few weeks and will post the updates!!

See you tomorrow for
Day 49!!!!!


  1. Thanks for all the great ideas! I am especially happy to see $2 bill make the list! That is a tradition my parents have done since my childhood & continue with my kids, only they hide the bills in the branches of the Christmas tree. Love it!

  2. lots of good ideas,,,,appreciate it,,,now for shopping for stocking stufferss.\


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