Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 43

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 43

Today was an AWESOME day!!  Nathaniel and MC both had their Thanksgiving Parties and we had a BLAST!!!!  TOO MUCH FUN!!!!

Tonight I made my sheet moss balls and presents!!!  I will post the pic's of the finished product and then I will go into the tutorial!!!  I LOVE these and I have them sitting around in different places throughout the house!!  They add simplicity and elegance!!

You start will foam balls that you can buy at Walmart for $3!!! 
Then you buy a bag of sheet WALMART!!!  lol!!  I pour my moss out on a cookie sheet because it makes a HUGE mess and leaves a TON of dirt behind!!  This way you can just dump it into the trash when you are done!

Start in small sections adding hot glue!

Then start placing pieces of the sheet moss onto the hot glue!!!

Continue this until the entire ball is covered!!!  When it is all finished, you can take your hands and press it down all around to make it even!!

I then took cut two pieces of ribbon!  I then tied them around the ball from opposite side and made knots at the top!!  I curled the ends!

Then made a bow and attached to the knots with floral wire!!

I repeated the same thing for the present except I hot glued two pieces of rectangular foam together for my base!!

You can sit these anywhere in your house and they look AWESOME!!!!  I even like them sitting on candelabras of different heights or hanging from wreaths!!!  The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

So have fun with it and start getting in the

See you tomorrow for
DAY 44!!!!

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  1. oh i love these...they look good there toooo...

  2. Love it! Can add some spanish moss also. Just now catching up. Where do you get the energy?

  3. Hi, Randee

    I love these too. Awesome!



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