Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chaotic Countdown Day 49

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 49

Running around, trying to get packed and finish up some last minute crafts!!!  Can you say "CHAOTIC!!!!!!"
So goes the story of my life!!!  ;)

MC came home the other day with a really GREAT picture that she had drawn in art class!!  I am making a tree on the wall, up in the gameroom, that will have framed pic's that she has drawn!!  She is the "ARTEEST" in the family!!!  But I also knew that I didn't just want a regular picture frame!!  I have been seeing around Pinterest and Blogland that people are making the yarn wreaths and I think I may have developed a SLIGHT (ok, maybe a SICK) love of yarn!!!  Where has this stuff been my whole life???  Ummmm....where was I???  "ADD" kicked in.....OH....So I decided to wrap a VERY CHEAP frame from Wal-Mart with yarn!!!

I LOVE it!!!  I made a small fabric flower for the corner!!!  I can not wait to make a few more!!!

Start with CHEAP frame!!! ;)

I cut off a big ball of yarn but you can do it however you want to!!  Find a starting place and add a dot of hot glue!!  Press the end of the yarn into it and hold for a few seconds!!  Start winding!!!!

When you reach the corner, just keep winding but I ended up running a bead of glue on the ends to help hold it in place while going around the edge!!


I made a fabric flower by cutting out three different size pieces of fabric!!  I did not make any particular shape!!   Then I sewed them together with a button in the middle!!

Hot glued the flower to the side and


Not bad for approx $6!!!  I can soooo see these made with Christmas colors and putting our yearly photo with Santa in it!!!!  ;)


See you tomorrow for
DAY 50!!!


  1. I love yarn too!! That is an awesome idea! I want to know about the 'tree' and how you're doing it!

  2. Hi, I found you from Pinterest. Love your blog. What great ideas you have!


  3. soooo cute ..she is so talented...

  4. Hi, Randee

    I love this idea. I can easy do this and added to my office. Lovely! Thank you for stopping my blog and for following. Happy Thanksgiving.


  5. I love that AND I love the artwork! Looks like Lady GaGa!!! :-)

  6. Hi, you posted on my Pumpkin to Snowman blog. This is a SUPER cute idea. I love things with yarn. I'll be tucking this idea away. :)


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