Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Day 33

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Chaotic Christmas
Day 33

I bought these STINKIN CUTE ornaments at Sam's and I knew that I wanted to do something really cute but had NO IDEA what when I left the store with them!! 
I have been seeing the ornament garland and wreaths but not really giving them that much thought UNTIL.......I found out how SUPER DUPER EASY they were to make!!  Now, I will admit that I had a few things to learn on the 1st one but my next one will be WAAAAAAY easier!!!
I am posting the after picture and then the tutorial!!  I hope that you guys enjoy!!  I have a feeling that I may be a little ORNAMENT crazy this year!!!


You take a wire hanger......NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!!  OK...I had to get that out of my system!!  ;)
Shape it in a circle and then unhook the top like this

This part is VERY must hot glue the cap to the ball!!  Or in other words, the hanger part to the actual ball!!  I did not start off doing this and I kept losing balls all over the floor!!!  Didn't take me long.....momma didn't raise no fool!!  ;)

You are going to slide your ornaments onto the hanger!!! 
NOW, I am going to tell you just how BLONDE I really can be (no offense to the BLONDE'S)  I did not unhook the hanger and just tried to slide them just what I thought they were going to hang on to is one of life's little mysteries!!!!  ;)
It will look like this

I did not put mine in any particular order!!!  I did use different sizes!!  It will get very tight and I did not get all of the ornaments to show like I wanted but still the overall finished product is

See you tomorrow for
Day 34!!!


  1. soooooo cute ...i wondered what u were going to do with those balls...goood job

  2. I can't wait to see the one you made for me!!! I know it will be sooo STINKIN cute!! Please bring it when you come! :)

  3. Very awesome! Just you can your friends one for Christmas ;-)

  4. This is great!!! Did you hot-glue the ornaments together to stabilize them once you were done assembling?

  5. Becky...I only glued one ornament!! It owuld not stya the way I wanted it to!! The rest are on there so tight that they just stay!!


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