Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 46

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 46

Today I made Hot Chocolate on a Stick and Homemade Marshmallows and that was going to be my post BUT when I started making them, I realized that the Hot Chocolate had to set up for 12 hours!!!!  So you will see that TOMORROW!!  lol!!

So I started working on my staircase today!!  As I have said.....I LOVE MAGNOLIA'S and I always decorate at Christmas time with them!!  Sometimes I think that it looks like someone THREW UP magnolia all over my house!!!  They are an awesome and CHEAP way to add to your decorations!!  So in the upcoming days and weeks, you will see them in just about EVERYTHING I make!!!
Here are the pictures of the staircase!!!

The baluster is a HUGE mound of magnolia and I added some pine cones this year!!  Sometimes I add more decorations but this year I liked it simple!!  It does not matter if your leaves have brown on adds character and I LOVE it!!! 

I always wind grapevine up the staircase and then run white lights around it!!  Then everywhere that I have to attach it to the staircase (with pipe cleaners) I add a bunch of magnolias!! 
Your leaves will turn colors throughout the season but they will eventually be a BEAUTIFUL brown color!!  I have wreaths that I make every other year!!  One year they are green and the next they are brown!!  Either way, BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Please excuse the fact that it is hanging in our garage but it is still AWESOME!!!

See you tomorrow for
DAY 47!!!!


  1. Very Pretty. LOVE your stairs also. Don't post much but loving your blog. Thanks for the daily posts. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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