Monday, November 14, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 40

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DAY 40!!!!!!!!

WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!  We made it HALFWAY!!!!   40 DAYS have come and gone!!  Can you believe it???  It has just FLOWN by but then again so have the last 7 years of my life!!  It is AMAZING how fast it goes when you have kids!!!  My baby boy will be 4 in February!! :(  

I have decided this year that I have a MAJOR fetish with MAGNOLIA and BURLAP!!!  Every year I have to beg someone to let me come and cut down half of their magnolia tree so I can decorate for Christmas!!  We have already brought home 1 truckload and I am JUST GETTING STARTED!! 
Today I am featuring my chandelier in our Formal Dining Room!! (That we NEVER use....such wasted space but it LOOKS PRETTY!!!)
I will give a brief tutorial but it is kind of self explanatory!!!



Start by taking branches and attaching them to the TOP of the chandelier!  You can use floral wire or pipe cleaners!

Work your way around the top!  Then start doing the same for the middle and then down to the bottom!!  DON'T worry about getting it all full at this stage!!

You can take several branches and wire them together and then attach them to the chandelier!!

When you have attached the top, middle and bottom go back and take individual branches and stuff them into the wired on branches to fill in the gaps!!  Use them as fillers!!


It does NOT have to be PERFECT!!!  It is beautiful!!  I will be showing you more of this room over the next few days!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! 

See you tomorrow for
DAY 41!!!!!


  1. So pretty. Stupid question does the magnolia leaves turn brown?

  2. Yes!! But is takes them a long time!! They will last through Christmas but the wreaths that I make I keep year to year!!!

  3. it so pretty and i thought you kept the same leaves because they are in your i see thouse little fingers working ....

  4. Wow... that is so beautiful! I honestly would have NEVER thought of decorating with Magnolia leaves.


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