Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Easy Teacher Gift

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I used this gift as a First Day of School gift but it can be used anytime through out the year!!!

I bought a $2 container and filled it with candy!  Then used my Cricut and cut out the apple!  Added some cute paper which I wrote on and then added a bow!!!!


Slowly getting back into the groove!!  ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to School PARRRRTAY!!!!!

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I was going to sit down and write a post about why I have been MIA, but then I decided that I didn't want to bore you with the details!!  LOL!!

This year I had a lot of fun decorating for our annual BACK TO SCHOOL BASH!!!  I came up with some pretty cute decorations and VERY CHEAP!!!!  Here are the pics!!

Everything I used, I either had or bought on the $1 aisle at Walmart!!!  SOOOO FUN!!!

 Just books I had at home wrapped with twine!!

 I made individual place cards!!!  TOOO SWEET and the kids loved that they were just for them!

 The table runner was made from a paper pad that I found for a dollar glued together and then rick rack!

MC had a bag of goodies for the 1st day!  The place mats were made from foam board and scrap booking paper!


My sweet 2nd grader!!  Growing way too fast!!

Hope you enjoyed and will forgive me for being MIA!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Toot Your Own Horn Thursday...Natural-Nesters

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Hello Everyone!
We are so excited to be here at Toot Your  Own Horn Thursday guest posting. It is so fun to get to share our story with other people and make new bloggy friends!

So first....

A little bit about the Natural-Nesters:

 We are two sisters that love family, taking care of our homes, kids projects, DIY projects, cooking, and more. We live states apart, but we share life together through our blog! 

So to introduce the both of us, around the blog we are known as Big Sis & Little Sis.  

Big Sis
Hi, My Name is Cassey!
I am a wife and a mother. I have been married eight years to a military firefighter. I have taught school for the past five years but since returning back to the states last year, I run my own daycare so that I can be at home with our only son. I adore my family. I love being the caretaker of my home, exploring new and healthy recipes to cook for my family, developing fun activities as I teach in my daycare, learning to stay fit in a busy life, and being creative throughout my home.

Normally Cassey is the blogger behind a lot of our children's games and interactive ideas, such as....
Where kids in her at home day care put their own beans in a jar and watched them grow into plants. 

Where she made homemade, kid-safe slime for the kids to play with. 

She is also the genius behind our gardening blogs, such as...

Where she came up with a clever way to make garden markers for her planter boxers. 
Where her and her husband made homemade garden boxes to plant their own veggies in.

Or usually behind a lot of the recipe posts we put up, such as...

Where she made her first homemade noodles and created a wonderful soup with them! 

Then there is-
Little Sis

Hi, My Name is Brittany!

 I am a wife who works full-time, goes to graduate school at night, and is taking care of three Asian exchange students! My entire life is an adventure being lived for the Lord and I love it! I love my husband, and I love taking care of our home, which involves, cleaning, organizing, fitness, crafting, creating and planning! I have a passion for each of these things because of the gift the Lord has given me as a Natural Nester!

Brittany is the mastermind behind a lot of the DIY home projects, such as...

Where her and her husband took old wood and created a patio box to hold pillows or double as a seat


Where she took an old pallet and created a back porch swing out of it.  

She is also big on home improvement & crafty things, such as...

Where she used an old rag to create a homemade dry cloth. 

Then there are a few occasions when she adds a party planning idea in the mix, such as...

Where she co-hosted decorating for a very trendy wedding shower. 

But both of us take part in the fitness part of our blog.  Each Wednesday we share our stories and our journeys towards weight loss and good health in our series Weight Loss Wednesdays. 

And we also both love to party! Each week we host a Naturally-Nifty Linky Party where we invite other bloggers to come and brag about their current projects and successes.  We love meeting new friends and visiting their blogs to see what they are up to.  Plus we feature some of our favs at each party! 

Needless to say, we Natural-Nesters know how to have some fun!! 
So we hope that you will stop by to join us in our little adventure of blog life, we would love to meet you! 

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-Natural Nesters

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grilled Chicken Tortas

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YUUUUMY!!  Look what I made!!  This is an AWESOME 
Grilled Chicken Torta with Chipolte Crema

Todd and I were in HEAVEN!!!  The kids...not so much!!  lol!!


2 oz achiote paste
2 cloves garlic minced
2 Tbsp. plus 1 tsp lime juice
1 Tbsp paprika
1 tsp ground cumin
4 chicken breasts halves
1 recipe chipolte crema
4 ciabatta rolls, slpit
tomatoes, sliced
sweet onion, sliced
crumpled Cotija cheese


Break up achiote and combine with garlic, 1 Tbsp lime juice, paprika, cumin, pinch of cayenne pepper and kosher salt.  Thinly slice chicken horizontally.  Mix with garlic-lime juice mixture to coat!  Cover and refrigerate 30 minutes!
Make the Chipolte crema...mix 1/4 cup sour cream, 1 Tbsp sauce from container of chipolte's in adobe sauce, 1 tsp lime juice and 1/2 tsp honey!  Season with kosher salt!
Heat grill to high.  Grill chicken, when cooked place on plate and drizzle with lime juice!  Grill the buns for about a minute!  Slather the buns with the crema sauce.  Then layer the chicken. tomato, onion, lettuce avocado,cheese and bun top!! 

ENJOY!!!!  ;)

As you can tell by the pic, we paired ours with baked cheeto's!!  ;0

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hefty To Hottie WEEK 1

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WOOO HOOO!!!  I dropped 4 lbs in a week!!  I am pretty sure it would have been a few more but I am having some hormonal issues that are making my chocolate cravings OUT OF CONTROL!!!  ;)
After I get the weight off, I may not ever eat chicken again!!  :o
I will have to say that this is the HARDEST thing I have ever done!!  I hate dieting and I hate anything healthy...IJS!!!  I want the cheese sauce and pasta!! I am not only a sweet-a-holic, I LOVE carbs!!  It is INSANE!!!  
I am still loving Fit with Brit and I am finding that I actually look forward to her videos!!  CRAZY, huh!!  I am mainly focusing on my arms since I am running and to me, that takes care of my legs!!  LOL!!  

I did come across an awesome recipe that seems to be helping my sweet addiction!!  It is made from ONE ingredient and is AWWWWWWSOME!!! 

Banana Ice Cream!

Take several banana's and slice them up!  Place in baggie and put in freezer for a couple of hours!  I have even left them overnight!  Take them out, when frozen, and pop them in the blender!  At first they will look like fine, course meal but give it a few seconds and it will turn into this wonderful, smooth, creamy ice cream!!  I have even added a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter to make PB ice cream and then I tried cocoa and splenda to make chocolate!!  It all tastes like a banana split!!



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Toot Your Own Horn Thursday...Sweet Bella Roos

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Today's guest on
is a Texas girl that shares a TON of the same interests as me!!  The main thing that caught my eye, was her LOVE for animals!!  Now everyone knows how much I love my animals!!  ;)
The other thing is that I am in shear AWE over anyone who can work with graphic design.....just WAYYY over my head!!!  
Hop on over and take a look!!  ;)

 Hey Y’all!  My name is Emily and I blog over at Sweet Bella Roos.  I mostly blog about baking, with some life stories sprinkled in.  If you follow me on Twitter you will see my tagline says: I am a proud mama, firefighter's wife, wannabe baker, & blogger. Lover of all things vintage, turquoise, & handmade. Hater of veggies, sushi, & waking up early. 

I found Randee through a group called Texas Bloggers and have loved reading her blog.  Her claim to “organized chaos” makes me laugh because I claim to “plan spontaneity” ha-ha.  I think having these things in common make us instant friends, not to mention she posts about yummy things like these Texas Cheese Fries… I mean who doesn’t want to be friends with someone like that??

Recently I have started dabbling in design—and by dabble I mean still clinging to the side of the pool, wearing my floaties, and not yet ready to get my hair wet—but it has been a fun start!  To ease my way in I have been posting {Freebie Friday} where I offer a free printable, which is what I would like to share with you today:

You can download this printable here.

To see another menu planner I created visit my {Freebie Friday} post here.

Now all you have to do is decide what day you are going to make cheese fries!  To find more recipe ideas (because we can’t have cheese fries every day… can we?), you can always visit my blog at Sweet Bella Roos.  Thanks for letting me stop by, you may now return to your previously scheduled organized chaos :)
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