Saturday, December 31, 2011

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We have had a HORRIBLE incident in the Hallmark house!!!  I have thought twice about sharing what has happened to us but then I thought that maybe by sharing we could prevent this from happening to another child!!

We bought MC a Kindle Fire for Christmas!!  We had discussed the fact that she would have Internet access but we also knew that she does not know how to search or use web addresses!!!  SO, in hindsight I guess we were just a little naive!!!  She came running into the kitchen yesterday and basically THREW the Kindle at me!!  She was crying and saying that there were "VERY BAD THINGS" on the computer!!  I picked it up and my heart sank to the floor!!!  I was staring at my worst nightmare....HARD CORE PORN!!!!!  It upset me so bad that I initially got really mad and started asking her all of these questions!!  I will be the 1st to admit that I do NOT initially always handle a situation in the best manner possible BUT I was VERY freaked out!!!  She was crying and shaking and her story was NOT adding up!!! 
I called Todd who was driving into the driveway!!  I sent MC to her room to wait for me and Daddy to come talk to her!!  We discussed what had happened and decided that the best course of action was to LIE!!!  Now we do not normally advocate lying but we had no choice!
When we finally got the truth out or her she had put in "BUTS" and hit enter!!!  Now when I told you it was HARD CORE, you can ONLY imagine the pics that had come up!!!  My sweet 6 year old has seen things that I had never seen!!!  We told her that what she had seen was MAKE BELIEVE, like the movies, and not to worry about it anymore!!
The point I am trying to make is that ANY device that has Internet capability has to have some Parental Controls installed!!  The problem is that the Kindle Fire doesn't have that option yet!!!  It is IMPERATIVE to take this action!!!  Your kids can search even the most innocent words and it can bring up porn or bad web sites!!!  We are installing  Net Nanny 5.5  to all of our devices!!!!
I am just praying that she will forget it all and she will not be scarred for life!!!  It will take a while for us to get over it but I will tell you it was a VERY VALUABLE LESSON LEARNED!!!! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let the ORGANIZING begin!!!!

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I have been cleaning NON STOP since I got out of the bed this morning!!!!  MC and Nathaniel were AWESOME today and played in the game room with all of their new toys!!!  ;)  Am I the ONLY mother that feels guilty when my kids play together???  It is like I am not needed!!  LOL!!  I did get a lot accomplished!!!  :o

I am taking BABY steps with the organizing but my idea today was PURE GENIUS!!!!!!  I did not want to just throw all of my Christmas stuff back into boxes and have to rummage through it all next year!!!  SOOOOOO, I decided to take my boxes and paint a chalkboard design onto the plastic and then write on them!!! 

Isn't it AWESOME???!!!!  I LOVE them!!!!  I did not do EVERY box this way!!  Some of them I added tags telling me what was inside!!!

I LOVE them and I feel that I am on the
RIGHT TRACK now!!!!  ;)

OH....and if you NOTICE that my tag says
"GIFTS for 2012" well HECK YA!!!  I did some after Christmas shopping!!!!  ;)

See ya TOMORROW!!!!


LOL!!!  I just got a text from my DEAR friend Dianna Baker and it seems I have COMPLETELY LOST MY MIND!!!!!  There are NOT any presents for 2112!!!  I am NOT buying presents for our
I DOOOOO love her!! 

See ya tomorrow!!!!

fingerprints on the fridge

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family Fun

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I am OVERWHELMED by all of the Christmas gifts that kiddos got so I KNOW they are overwhelmed!!!  I have been a little SNEAKY this year and if they did not immediately take an interest in a certain gift, I have taken it to the room where I hide things!!!  I will just save them for another time!!  Since we are starting a REWARD SYSTEM in our house, I am sure they will come in handy!!!!

ONE game that I am TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH is
Cranium Playground!!!! 
We have had a BLAST!!!  The ENTIRE family, including GRAMMA was up dancing and laughing!!!!  It is a MUST BUY!!!!!

Hope you ENJOY!!!!  It was MONEY WELL SPENT!!!!  ;)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas "CRASH"

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WHEW....with all of the traveling and all of the Christmases we have had, I have officially CRASHED!!!!  ;)  I hope that everyone has had a great Christmas!!!!  Ours was AWESOME!!!  Sorry I have been MIA, we have been gone and then my Mother-in-law is here with us until tomorrow!!! 

We have traveled and EATEN everything in a 3 states area!!!  I feel like I have gained 10 pounds in 5 days!!!  We came back home and I feel like I am being suffocated by 80 DAYS of CHAOTIC CRAFTS!!!  I feel like I NEED this stuff out of my house ASAP!!!!  I am normally not like this and leave our Christmas up until after the New Year but I am thinking I might just LOSE MY MIND if it stays any longer!!!  Ok....I KNOW it is already gone but I do not want Todd to come home and find me in the corner strumming my lips!!!!!!!!!  ;0
My plan for the next month is ORGANIZATION!!!!  I am going to be taking down all of the Christmas decorations but I also want to organize it all before it goes into the attic!!! 
So come along and follow the chaos!!  We will have some fun and MAYBE learn a few new tricks together!!!  THANKS again for following the
CHAOS!!!  ;)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 80

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 80!!!

I want to THANK everyone who has been following me over the last 80 Days!!!  It has FLOWN by and I can not believe it is over!!!  I am so happy that you have joined the CHAOS and even been inspired to make some of your own CHAOS!!! 
I want everyone to enjoy the Christmas holiday and remember that Jesus is the REAL reason for the season!!!  Give thanks to him tomorrow and CHERISH every moment with your family even if it DOES resemble the Griswold family!!  AND we sooooooooooo resemble them!!!  ;0

No craft or recipe tonight, just a HUGE

See you NEXT YEAR for lots
CHAOS!!!!!!  ;)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 79

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 79

I am "Home for the Holidays" and getting ready for the Annual Family Get Together and a TON of CHAOS!!!!  We have to do our holiday a little different since we are out of town!!  We will have Christmas morning with my Mom and Santa will leave a gift!  But MC and Nathaniel are still so small that they do not understand "dates" yet so Santa will come to our house on Sunday night!!  My friend Sherry had sent me the idea for
"ELF DONUTS" and I KNEW that I had to make them for my kiddos!!!

TOOOO STINKIN CUTE!!!  You HAVE to make these with your kids!!!!  You take Cheerios and dip one side in almond bark and then add sprinkles, powdered sugar, or colored sugar!!!  I just LOVE them and can not wait to put them out with Santa's Cookies!!!!

See you tomorrow for
Day 80!!!

Chaotic Christmas Countdown

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 78

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 78

2 more days!!!!  ;)

I LOVE to have EVERYTHING looking like Christmas when we have people over to our house!!!  EVEN right down to the WATER!!!! 
SOOOOO, I give you


Isn't is BEAUTIFUL???!!!!!  It just adds Christmas Beauty to a room!!!  ;)

You need a bag of cranberries and some limes!!!  You put the cranberries in first THEN add ice and then your cut limes!!!  LOL...THEN add your water!!!!  Do this right before your guests arrive....if it is there for too long it will start tasting bitter!!!  It is amazing how refreshing it tastes and my kids LOVE IT!!!!  ;)

See you tomorrow for
Day 79!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 77

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 77

Today I am blogging about a NEW Christmas Tradition in the Hallmark home!!!  A friend of mine (Traci) was telling me about how her mother takes the kids to the Dollar Store and gives them "X" amount of money and lets them buy presents for their siblings and parents!!  TOOO CUTE!!!

So today I gave MC and Nathaniel $10 each to spend on each other and then they both could pick out a couple of gifts for their Daddy!!!  It was a BLAST!!!!  MC kept picking out the $50 gifts for Nathaniel and it took a little explaining!!!   Nathaniel was VERY careful and specific aboout what "sissy" needed!!!  ;) They were so EXCITED and I know that they will be REALLY PROUD on Christmas morning!!!  I also know that Daddy is going to be SUPER DUPER EXCITED when he opens his "special" gifts!!!  ;)  Daddy is going to take the kids tomorrow for a gift for me!!! I CAN'T wait to see what they come up with!!!

Only 3 more days!!

See you tomorrow for
Day 78!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 76

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 76!!!

ONLY 4 DAYS!!!!  I am NOT ready!!!!  I haven't finished shopping and the wrapping might be the death of me!!!  ;)

Today we had our
GINGERBREAD HOUSE PARTY!!!  In the past we have had anywhere from 1-15 kids!!  This year we had 1!!  I just couldn't do much more this year so MC invited Katie who has been to all of the past parties and Ms. Kay came to help Nathaniel (she comes every year to help him and he LOVES her!)  I have also realized that I can focus on MY kids when we keep it small!
I LOVE this party!!!  It is a BLAST and a lot of fun to see what my sweet babies create!!!  MC is a little bit methodical and Nathaniel's is a COMPLETE FREE FOR ALL!!!! 

Here are the pictures!!!  I have a simple Pampered Chef Gingerbread House Mold and I use the recipes included!!!


These are the 3 MASTER PIECES!!!! 


 Let the PARTY begin!!!

I am JUST the HELPER!!!

Do you see the DIRTY hands?????  LOL!!!

Better pic of the DIRTY HANDS!!!

Traci and Katie!!

Mr. Bill traveled ALL the way from Lubbock for this PAAAARRRRRTTTTTAAAAY!!!
jk....he is KAYKEITH'S Dad!!!

Look at this SWEEEET SMILE!!!

We had a SMALL BLIZZARD come through while making Nathaniel's house!!!  ;0

Another shot of the BLIZZARD!!!

MC's BEAUTIFUL HOUSE!!!!! and face!!!  ;)

Afterwards we exchanged gifts and Katie gave MC the Pinkalicious Game and it was a BLAST!!!  Here are a few pics of the FUN!!!

And making his Daddy PROUD.....Nathaniel WON!!!!  lol!!!

See you tomorrow for
Day 77!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Day 75!

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 75!!!!

Ok.....please do NOT be disappointed BUT I do not have a project today!!!  I have "TIP" and I think it is the greatest thing since SLICED BREAD!!!!  In all of the hustle and bustle, I need any cleaning tip that makes my life easier!!!  SOOOOOO, do you have a hard time cleaning your STAINLESS STEEL?????  It is a NIGHTMARE in the Hallmark home with all of the PRECIOUS fingerprints!!!!  BUT I have found the MIRACLE beyond MIRACLE'S......OLIVE OIL!!!!  VIRGIN or EXTRA VIRGIN, you ask????  LOL!!!  JK!!!!  Just pour a small amount on a rag or paper towel, and wipe down the surface!!  Then wipe the excess off with a clean rag or paper towel until there is no residue!!!!  It is AWESOME!!!!  TRUST ME!!!!  It takes away ANY smear!!! 

I hope this helps you when it is time for some QUICK cleaning!!!!  ;)

See you tomorrow for
Day 76!!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 74

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 74!

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!  6 Days until Christmas!!!  I can NOT believe it!!  I KNOW that I have said this before BUT I CAN NOT believe it!!!!  :0

Tonight I am sharing ANOTHER one of my EASY, QUICK and AWESOME recipes!!!  I found this one when I was in the Junior League of Houston a friend of mine gave me one of their cookbooks, Stop and Smell the Rosemary!!  We have found SEVERAL family favorites in this book!!!  It is a great cookbook to have in your collection!!!

Penne a'la Vodka

7 tablespoons unsalted butter
3/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
3/4 cup vodka (Russian or Polish)
2 cups canned pureed or crushed Italian tomatoes
3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1 tsp seasoned salt
1 pound penne pasta, cooked al dente
4 ounces Parmesan cheese, freshly grated
8 fresh basil leaves, chopped
1 pound of boiled shrimp, cooked

Melt butter in large skillet.  Stir in pepper flakes and vodka.  Simmer 2 minutes.  Stir in tomatoes and cream.  simmer 5 minutes.  Add seasoned salt and stir well.  Lower heat and gently stir in pasta and shrimp.  Add Parmesan.  Pour into serving bowls and toss with basil, and serve immediately!!!

ENJOY!!!!!  I LOVE this recipe!!!

See you tomorrow for
Day 75!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Day 73

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 73!!!

LONG, HARD day!!!  We decided to take back all of MC's presents and start over!!!!  I was STRESSED beyond belief!!!  I don't think I was so hard to buy for as a 6 year old!!!  LOL!!!  Anyway, I think we are through.....MAYBE???!!!!!

My "project" today is a cause VERY close to my heart!!!!  ;)

Meet "SMOKEY...aka SMOKE MAN!!!!!"

We have adopted a cat today from our local Humane Society!!!  Nathaniel and MC are beside themselves!!!  MC has a cat named Miley and Smoke Man is Nathaniel's new kitty!!!!  Miley is NOT being a very gracious host but praying that she learns to love him!!!  ;)  Smokey is a LOVER, NOT A FIGHTER!!!!  He is AWESOME!!!!  I am going to weigh him tomorrow to see just how BIG he is!!!!
We decided to adopt SMOKE MAN because Nathaniel wanted a pet of his own and we had a cat named SMOKEY that looked JUST LIKE SMOKE MAN!!!  It was like God was telling us that he was the right cat for us!!!  ;)

If you are considering a new FURRY FAMILY member....PLEASE check your local animal shelters!!!  There are sooooo many animals deserving of a good home!!!  There are 1000's of animals EVERY DAY that die because people do not have their animals SPAYED and NEUTERED!!!!  :(

See you tomorrow for
Day 74!!!!

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