Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 38

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 38

I have had a few of my friends comment to me that I am really "on top of things" this year!!! HAHA!!!  It may seem that way on this blog but hence the name RANDEE'S ORGANIZED CHAOS.....there is a LOT OF CHAOS going on in the HALLMARK HOME!!!!
I start something and my "ADD" kicks in and I will start something else and completely forget about what I was doing before!!  SOOOOOOOO, my ENTIRE house is in COMPLETE CHAOS and I will NOT answer my door if you stop by!!!  I will scream for the kids to be quiet and hide!!  
I know down deep inside that it will all be ok but at this point I just want to run, hide and MAYBE have a LARGE glass of wine!!!  ;)
This is all leading up to today's feature!!  I am BACK to wrapping and I walked past a piece of burlap in the garage and thought "WHY NOT???" I headed upstairs to continue and PREVIOUS project!!!  LOL!!

I took pieces of burlap and pulled them up around the presents and tied them with some yarn!!  I then used my Cricut to cut out an initial and tied with the yarn!
The other box in the pic, I started wrapping like a present and hot glued the back together (where you would normally add tape) and then gathered the ends and tied with yarn!!  Makes it look like a piece of candy!!!  I think they are AWESOME!!!

SEE you tomorrow for
DAY 39!!!


  1. I am going to do this! My Cricut needs some attention anyway! Thanks :-)

  2. Looks fab! Especially next to the tree skirt Randee!

  3. THANKS Amber!!!! I LOVE my wrapping this year....normally, I struggle!!!

  4. I just love the burlap look that is 'in' these days. Gives that rustic but cozy feel. Kathi

  5. Cute wrapping!! I love how you coordinated it! Cute tree skirt too!


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