Sunday, October 9, 2011


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Hallmark Sunday's

I love Sunday's!  They are the best days!!  Todd always lets me sleep while he has quality time with the kids!  I love the freedom of the day!!  Long walks, saving turtles, playing with tarantula's!!  Time stands still just for a moment and I can watch my family in awe!!  I am such a lucky mom and wife!!  Wonderful husband and great kids!!
Tonight was one of the sweetest nights!!  MC and Nathaniel decided that they wanted to wear daddy's t-shirts!!  It was the cutest sight, ever!!  They were running across the golf course with their HUGE t-shirts whipping in the wind!!!  Another great memory!!!  

As I sit here posting these pic's, I am giggling!!  My kids make my face hurt from laughter and I am sure that there are wrinkles in the making!!!

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  1. Grace wears Pete's t-shirts to bed most nights...she said they smell like daddy!! She especially does it when he's gone a trip for a few days...He loves it! They NEVER ask to wear my pajamas??!!


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