Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Growing Old UNCENSORED!!

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Ok....I went to the Dr. today to talk about possibly having a hysterectomy!!  Just a little history to get you up to speed....I have been having hormonal issues for almost 3 years!!  It all started when I quit breastfeeding Nathaniel!!  I have tried everything from bio identical hormones to NOTHING!!!  I will not go into all of the GORY details but lets just say that it has been a LONG, HARD road for my poor husband!!
So fast forward to today....the Dr walks in and proceeds to fire off a million questions....
Dr..."do you have stress incontinence???" me.."yes!"
Dr...."when you sneeze?"
Dr...."when you cough??"
Dr...."when you laugh??" many different ways can you ask the question......YES, I pee on myself...OK....there I said it, it's out there!!!!! 

So he moves on.....and proceeds to explain to me how when I was 14 and started my periods, I had hundreds of thousands of "good" eggs and now I have only "bad" eggs!!  He said "you know like your kids, when you call them to dinner and they don't come???  Your eggs are being "bad" and when they are called, they don't come!!!!!!!"  OMG!!!!!  My eggs are disobedient kids and they are making me CRAZY!!!  Somehow I am seeing a correlation!!!!
So when I walked into the office, I turned to Todd and said "I am not trying anything else!!  I have been doing this for close to 3 years!!  I am TIRED and I want it GONE!!!" He looked at me and said "OK!" forward......I am now TRYING something new!!!!  They all ganged up on me and in the end, I LOST!!!!  :(  No hysterectomy for me!!
So if in the near future I start talking about MURDERING anyone or making some very UNUSUAL crafts ....please just ignore me and KNOW that it is my "BAD" eggs acting up!! 
If it ever gets soooo bad that I end up in the LOONEY BIN....don't fret....I will BLOG from the inside!!!!  You just got to LOVE turning 40!!

See you tomorrow!!!

Oh...update!  MC did AWESOME last night!!!  ;)


  1. Aww :( My Prayers r With You and Family..But Knowing The Strong Minded Woman You r, I Have Faith You'll Pull Thru All This With Flying Colors :)

  2. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago---best thing I ever did. I hope this new stuff works,if not, press the issue. I have a wonderful doctor who didn't make me wait too long to have mine done. Good luck, sweetie!


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