Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Day 26

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Chaotic Christmas
Day 26

I had to make some cupcakes for MC's Halloween festivities at school and had seen these REALLY CUTE cupcakes on Pinterest!!!  I think they turned out super duper cute and they were not that hard!!!

Make regular cupcakes and white icing!  Then half a twinkie for the head!  I used chocolate icing for the glasses around SMARTIES for the eyes!!!  Little chocolate sprinkles for the hair!

See you tomorrow for
DAY 27!!!!



  1. I love those!! It makes me SO sad that I can't make things to take to school. VERY sad. That's why I'm always making stuff for the kids at the bus stop! That's a GREAT idea for after our school-wide testing in April!! THANKS!!


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