Monday, October 17, 2011

And the Binky Saga Continues!!

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Binky Saga
Day 2

MC woke up in a wonderful mood this AM and went to school with a huge smile on her face!!  She did make sure that her little friend could spend the night before she left!!  LOL!!
Her Daddy picked her up from school, she came home telling me all about how she didn't need the binky anymore!!  I was thinking "this is WAAAAAY too easy!!" But she assured me she was a big girl and she was "done" with it!!  She even called her Nana to let her know that the binky was gone! forward to bedtime!!!  OMG....she lost it!!  She wanted to give back her sleepover and didn't care what happened, SHE WANTED IT BACK....NOW!!!!
So I have to give credit to my awesome husband....he calmly went into her room and talked to her and then laid down with her for about 10 minutes!!!  She fell asleep!!!!!
WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO.....maybe tomorrow will be a little easier and then the next a little easier!!!

Thanks for the prayers!!


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