Monday, October 17, 2011


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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
DAY 12

A friend of mine, Jennifer, made the CUTEST mummy pumpkins that she has named MUMPKINS!!!  I just had to know how she made them so she has agreed to show a quick tutorial for DAY 12!!  The following is her tutorial!!

I don't know where yall live, but where we call home it's hot! Yes, it's true. Halloween is freque
ntly a warm-weather holiday for us! Which makes decorating with carved pumpkins almost impossible! In addition to to being hard to carve in the first place, they are generally a soupy, swarming mess only a few days later. Frustrating! When my daughter was born, it quickly became apparent that she was both creative (yay) and clutsy (oops) - just like her mom! And that gave me one more reason to stick with pumpkin decorating ideas that do not involve a knife! So for the past few years, we've simply painted them, but this year we decided it was time to try something new. It was so easy and fun (and SAFE) that I wanted to share, so thanks Randee, for letting me contribute to the chaos!

Make Your Own Mumpkin
1. We picked a medium to large pumpkin, but mini mumpkins would be cute too!
2. Cut gauze fabric into 2-3 inch strips and set aside. We used a half-yard of gauze. You could also buy rolls of gauze and save a step, but the fabric is much cheaper.
3. Cut out felt eyes and mouth in any shape you want.
4. Thin regular white glue with water and pour into a flat container. We wash and save our styrofoam meat trays - and use them for all kinds of crafts!
5. Use a large brush to coat the pumpkin in a thin layer of glue.
6. Position eyes and mouth where you want them.
7. Begin wrapping your pumpkin in gauze strips, using additional glue to secure ends. We just painted right over the gauxe with the glue and it will stiffen as it dries.
8. Keep wrapping until your pumpkin becomes a mumpkin and you're done!
This whole project took about 15 minutes to complete from start to finish and Miss M did most of the work! It's a great craft for kids and best of all - no fruit flies!
Happy Halloween - Jiffy

Over the next week and a half, I will be getting ready for our Halloween party so a TON of projects coming up!!! I hope that you enjoy this season and do not take a moment for granted!!!
See you tomorrow for 
Chaotic Christmas Countdown
DAY 13!! 



  1. OMG!!! I'm famous!! I mean, beyond Facebook famous!! I am going to go pin my mumpkin right now!!


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