Wednesday, October 12, 2011


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Maybe I am wrong but the more I think about it the more ticked off I get!!  I ran an errand for my mom today and when I walked out of the store there was a Dollar General! (I have to go ahead and let you know that I was carrying a white bag with 1 bottle of shampoo in it!!!)  
 So I thought I would just "pop" in and see if they had anything cool to decorate with!  So I go "beboppin" in and start looking around when this old lady starts screaming from the door as LOUD as she can "THIS IS MY MILK.....I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS IS MY MILK!!!!!!!  I DON'T WANT YA'LL ACCUSING ME OF STEALIN OR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!" 
Now at this point I am standing there with my mouth wide open staring at the door but still can not see the woman!!  And as I turn around to look at a Christmas ornament a "worker" hollers at me "ummmm, your going to need to leave your bags at the counter!!!"  Of course, "EXCUSE ME" came straight out of my mouth soooooo she repeated herself!!  I am thinking WTH????  What planet did I just enter!!!  UMMMMM, NOT NO but HE** NO!!!!!!  I don't know what store you are running but I am NOT leaving my bags (including purse) with YOU!!!!  I TRIED to be nice, as I politely stated...NO, I AM OUT OF HERE!!!!!  ;(
I walked out thinking, OMGSH SERIOUSLY???  Did that really just happen????
WHAT is our society coming to??  I am not now NOR will I ever shop anywhere where I have to place my bags with some stranger while I look around at some $1 ornaments!!!!

On a lighter note.....see you tomorrow for
Chaotic Christmas Countdown!!!!!!

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  1. Crazy "dollar store" employees!! Seriously? Oh no, not happening. I would have "walked" too.


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