Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Day 23

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Chaotic Christmas
Day 23

WHEW.....This has been a LOOOONG week!!  ;)  I have committed myself to so many things that I totally forgot that I had to come up with something for MC's dance class party!!  
The holiday season's can be VERY expensive and overwhelming!!  When I realized that I had forgotten I decided to run to Walmart (our version of a MALL) and see what I could come up with!!  What I found was a very UNEXPECTED surprise!  Have you seen the new aisle that they have that I am thinking is supposed to be comparable to Target's $1 aisle??  Well....IT'S NOT but in a pinch it has some pretty cute stuff!!  I had 15 little girls to buy for so I was trying not to spend much!!  I found the cutest little stamp set and I just got GIDDY!!!!!

They were 0.97!!!!  WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!
I took them home and stamped a little note on some Halloween paper, cut it out with pinking shears and then tied them on with some ribbon!!  To finish it off, I glued a pumpkin to the center of the bow!!!

CHEAP but CUTE!!!!!!

See you tomorrow for day 24!!!!


  1. Yes but it doesnt take much to make yuo giddy in a craft isle

  2. Well said Peggy (mama)!! I need some of that giddiness!


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