Tuesday, October 4, 2011


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When you were "kidless" and carefree, would you ever think that you would be doing the CRAZY, SILLY things that you find yourself doing now that you have kids????? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I have learned to NEVER SAY NEVER!!
I was sitting out on the deck last night and Todd & MC were outside running around giggling and having fun when I looked up and saw this...

I am thinking "WHAT IN THE HECK IN THE WORLD???"  Then I see MC run up to her Daddy and pull down on his arm and take off running!!  I started cracking up and asked what they were playing when MC quickly responded "TOILET TAG, MAWM!!!!"  LIKE "DUH....doesn't everyone know that!!  ;)  So of course curiosity gets the better of me and I asked for an explanation!!  She then tells me that you run until you are tagged and then you have to freeze like a "TOILET" until someone comes and "FLUSHES" you!!  HENCE the arm pulling!!!  ;)
I immediatly take off running for the camera!!!  I am thinking of the ENDLESS BLACKMAILING POSSIBLITIES!!! When I come back, I was happy to find DADDY in the toilet position and start taking pictures!  He says "Why do you feel the need to take humiliating photos of me to post on your blog??"  I stated "Because it is SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!"
Todd is the BEST DADDY and and AWESOME HUSBAND!!!  WE are so fortunate!!!  I love him!!!

REMEMBER...EVERY MOMENT IS A MEMORY...make the most of them!!  ;)


  1. I love it!!! That's cute!

  2. Funny. Toddzilla,,,,Dbaker

  3. So so fun! Maybe he could share on the Jay Leno show! Start a new team of toilet tag!


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