Tuesday, October 25, 2011


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"Sweet" Little Girls

As some of you know, MC has been having some trouble on the playground with this certain little girl!!  She keeps coming up to MC and telling her that she is NOT cute and that her clothes are NOT cute!  This is all new to me and I am having a hard time!!  We had a talk with her tonight and reiterated the fact that she IS cute and she is AWESOME!!!  BUT also, in the same breath, that she should NEVER be ugly to the little girl or anyone else for that fact!  We told her to tell the little girl that she is not being nice and walk away!!
I love MC more than anything and I want her to grow and be a sweet and caring young lady!  I just have to pray that we are teaching her through our actions and talking to her about these things!  My worst fear is that I find out that she is acting this way to someone!!  I do not think that she would act that way but I sure do not want to be a parent that NEVER thinks her child does any wrong!! 
I want my baby girl to hang on to her sweet innocence and not have to face these heartaches at such a young age!!
I know that I tend to get all out of wack when everything does not go smoothly!!  I also, tend to be a little  dramatic BUT when it comes to my kids THAT IS JUST THE WAY IT IS!!!!!!!!



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