Sunday, October 16, 2011

An end to the BINKY????

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I am blogging about something that has been very emotional for our family!!  I am not writing this for any advice or comments!!!  This is me putting my thoughts out there!! 
MC has had a "BINKY" from the day she was born!!  I am not sure when we went WRONG but she still has it and it just seemed easier to let her have it!!  She is a MUCH happier little girl when she has it!!  We have been through all of the "tricks" and NOTHING works with her!!  She is EMOTIONALLY attached to it!!  I think, if I am being honest, it lets me keep a little bit of my "BABY" girl!!
It has been really hard through the years!!  We have spent a fortune on binky's and a lot of crying fits over lost binky's!! 
Over the summer we tried to get rid of the binky but finally compromised on letting her sleep with it!! 
Tonight was an emotional turning point for me and her!!  She started throwing a fit tonight because her binky had a hole in it and we normally have some in the house but tonight we are out of them!!  So she literally LOST IT!!  She could hardly breath!! It broke my heart!!  I get mad but then I realize that this is a piece of security for her!!  I crawled up in the bed with big tears in my eyes and held her while she cried!!  It has been very emotional for me and her but tonight I decided that the binky needed to go!!  She was soooo upset and so was I but I KNOW that this has to end and she WILL be ok!!  
I have promised her a sleepover with one of her BFF's and I am sitting here crying and praying that God will carry us through this situation!!
I do not want anyone to judge me or my family!!  We all choose our battles and EVERY family handles things differently!!
PLEASE keep us in your prayers!



  1. Praying for you both tonight! So glad the happy milestones outweigh the gut-wrenching, hard ones.

  2. I am so sad for you, I have had those moments of wanting to hold on to their babyhood...we document all their "firsts" and usually not the 'last' time they did something, but this time you can ! Love you!

  3. you can do this and she can too...keep ur chin up and be you and her tooo...she was so proud when she call me today...


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