Saturday, October 15, 2011


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DAY 10

Today I am showing how to make a cute but VERY INEXPENSIVE Christmas decoration!!  These can be made in different sizes to make a SNOWMAN FAMILY!!!  I think they turned out really cute!!
You will need some elmer's glue, shaving cream, fake snow, clear glitter, old tree branches and ribbon!!

To make the puff paint you mix 1/3 cup glue and 2/3 cup of shaving cream!!  Mix and then stir in your fake snow and glitter!!  You can store in air tight container!!

Cut tree branches into 3 different sizes and glue onto each other!!  You can use dowel rods if you like to hold them together!! 
Then paint the front of your snowman with your puff paint and use black paint to make your buttons and eyes!  Use a small amount of orange to make your nose!! 
Tie your ribbon around the neck and there you have an AWESOME snowman!!!


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