Saturday, October 8, 2011

Randee's Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 3

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 3


I was so excited to get started on this craft!!  I had seen it on Pinterest and found it on the cutest blog brownpaper--packages !!!!!!  I am a little disappointed that MC was not here to try it on and model it for me to take the pictures!!!  I hope that you love it as much as I do!!!  Just keep in mind that even though I HATE candy pumpkins.....somehow I ate at least 1/2 of a bag!!!  So go into it KNOWING that you are going to be eating NEEDLESS calories!!!  ;)

The one that I saw just had plain candy pumpkins but it you KNOW MC.....that is just not going to cut it!!  It has to HAVE GLITTER!!  So I thought, "What could it hurt???" SOOOOOOO, YES I glittered candy pumpkins!!!  I think they turned out AWESOME!!!  I just took a small paint brush and painted on a small amount of glue and then sprinkled with glitter!!  Allow to dry!!

Next take a large eye needle and thread it with dental floss!!  This will slide easier through the candy!!  MC is 6 and I used 10 pumpkins!!  When you have them all threaded on there,  leave enough room to tie your ribbons on and then tie your 2 loose ends together in a SECURE knot!!  Then in between each pumpkin, tie your choice of ribbons!!!


I am thinking about making these for the kids HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!! 
How fun will that be????

DAY 4!!!!!!!


  1. I love it!! Now think of one I can do for boys and I'll let it be the craft for school!!!

  2. Very cute!! If you use some spray urethane from Lowe's, or maybe some other type of sealer from the craft store, it will probably keep the glitter from getting all over her and her clothes.


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