Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let the ORGANIZING begin!!!!

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I have been cleaning NON STOP since I got out of the bed this morning!!!!  MC and Nathaniel were AWESOME today and played in the game room with all of their new toys!!!  ;)  Am I the ONLY mother that feels guilty when my kids play together???  It is like I am not needed!!  LOL!!  I did get a lot accomplished!!!  :o

I am taking BABY steps with the organizing but my idea today was PURE GENIUS!!!!!!  I did not want to just throw all of my Christmas stuff back into boxes and have to rummage through it all next year!!!  SOOOOOO, I decided to take my boxes and paint a chalkboard design onto the plastic and then write on them!!! 

Isn't it AWESOME???!!!!  I LOVE them!!!!  I did not do EVERY box this way!!  Some of them I added tags telling me what was inside!!!

I LOVE them and I feel that I am on the
RIGHT TRACK now!!!!  ;)

OH....and if you NOTICE that my tag says
"GIFTS for 2012" well HECK YA!!!  I did some after Christmas shopping!!!!  ;)

See ya TOMORROW!!!!


LOL!!!  I just got a text from my DEAR friend Dianna Baker and it seems I have COMPLETELY LOST MY MIND!!!!!  There are NOT any presents for 2112!!!  I am NOT buying presents for our
I DOOOOO love her!! 

See ya tomorrow!!!!

fingerprints on the fridge


  1. you are finally getting smart about the you can come help me organize mine

  2. I was going to say, how long are you going to hold onto those gifts?!?! LOL :) Adding chalkboard to the tote is a great idea...I think I need to do this to the totes I use to store my daughters' clothes that they haven't grown into yet. MUCH easier to read than the tiny little labels printed on the computer!

  3. I have such a small house, always scouting for organizing ideas! This is great! Would love love love for you to share this at my Best of 2011 party going on now Happy new year! My

  4. Happy New Year. I hope yours is full of joy, peace, love and creativity!

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