Monday, December 12, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Day 68

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 68

I will start with an update on my
NAUGHTY OR NICE post!!! The tutorial can be found here NAUGHTY or NICE?? 
WELL.....MC had her 1st present taken away!!! 
 I first have to say that if you have a "PERFECT" family or child,  PLEASE do not bother to leave me a comment telling me that I am a HORRIBLE parent or my daughter is a FOUL MOUTHED HEATHEN!!!!!  ;)
 We were at dinner the other night with family and friends when at the other end of the table my SIL starts gasping and laughing at the same time!!!  My BFF was sitting next to me and told me not to react that my SIL was "taking care of it" so I went on eating!!!  I was told later that MC had said "SH*T!!!"  So I, being the "GOOD" parent, went to my sweet ANGEL, who would NEVER talk like that and surely NEVER LIE to me, and asked her if she said it!!!  "NO MOM!!!!  I said BUTTER!"  So I am walking along thinking "that doesn't sound ANYTHING like SH*T" so I turn back to her and tell her that her AUNT BUNNY said that she heard her say something that started with an "SH!" So she turns to me and says "Ok....I said SH*T!!!!"
OHHHHH, M, GEEEEEEEEE!!!!!  Where ever in the world has she heard this AWFUL word?????  Could NOT be from her SAINTLY MOTHER......NEVER!!!!!!!  ;)

So, I calmly talk to her about the fact that she can NOT say this word, when she proceeds to tell me that "WELL....BLAKE WAS SAYING STUPID!!!!!"  WOW....where do I go from here????  LONG story LONG....she had her 1st tab turned to "sorry" for LYING to me and saying the dreaded "S" word!!!!!  She was DEVASTATED!!!!  Christmas had ended!!!!!  What ever will she get now for Christmas???????? 

I think we BOTH learned a VERY valuable lesson....I need to STOP saying the "S" word and she needs to not LIE to mommy and NOT say the "S" word!!!!!!
I probably need to CLARIFY....I do NOT run around the house saying bad words but I will SLIP every once in a while and it is AMAZING how quickly they can pick up the bad but you can work on the GOOD every day, all day and it sometimes seems that they do not hear a word you say!!!  MC is an AWESOME child who makes me VERY proud!!  She is a VERY well mannered child and we are just thinking of this as a TEACHING MOMENT!!!!  ;)  So the lesson....DO NOT LIE TO MOMMY or you LOSE a present!!!!  :0

The project tonight was fun for MC!!  We took HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS(RECIPE)
and dipped them in almond bark and then sprinkled with sugar and sprinkles!!!  Now what makes them REALLY CUTE is the candy canes that we stuck in them!!!!  If you have NOT ever tried Homemade Marshmallows....Life is NOT complete!!!  They are AWESOME!!!  ;)

Needless to say...they are ALL GONE!!!!  The kids LOVED them!!!

See you tomorrow for
DAY 69!!!!!!!!


  1. I am glad to see people talking action. Instead of just saying don't do that and walking away. People need to know that we do our kids a big favor when we correct them. Not only are they raise to be good adults. But they know they are loved because we took the time to lead them down the right path.

  2. Wow, good for you for following through. I imagine it was not easy to do. I agree with Michelle, it is important to learn that actions have consequences. I can think of a former governor in Illinois who is just now learning that lesson. Maybe his mama should have taken away a present or two!


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