Sunday, December 4, 2011

Choatic Countdown Day 60 and Creating Christmas Post

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 60
Creating Christmas

Hey!!!  It has been one heck of a day!!!!  Trying to get ready for my
and "RUDY", our elf, made his appearance with a few hiccups tonight!!!  ;)

I am participating in an AWESOME event that is starting today at
She is hosting a party and here is what she has to say
"Welcome to Creating Christmas Week at The Girl Creative! A few weeks ago I dared you to stop pinning and start creating! And I’m excited to tell you that 15 fabulous bloggers have taken me up on that dare and will be co-hosting this event with me! All week long we will be posting Christmas projects (at our own blogs) that we ourselves have created. On the last day, we will be co-hosting a blog hop for CHRISTMAS PROJECTS ONLY! It’ not too late to start creating! We’d love to see your creations at the end of the week during our linky party."
I am SUPER DUPER excited and my following post was inspired by Pinterest!!!!

Tonight as I said earlier..."RUDY" showed up at our house!!  Now this took some major preparation and "smarts" on our part as parents!!!  I have worked to get everything ready so Todd could take the kids on an errand while I took a "nap!"  They kissed me "night, night" and went out the door!!!!  I had 40 minutes!!!!!!  I made whipping cream and put together my "Santa Hats" and set the table!!!  I am running around like a MAD WOMAN when I get out the hardback folder that has "RUDY" and his matching book..........OHHHHHHHH, M, GEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  "RUDY" is not there!!!!!  WTH (where the heck) is he???? I FREAKED out!!!  Ran keep in mind, I ONLY HAVE 40 MINUTES, and tore through 20 Christmas boxes!!! 
NOOOOOOOO "RUDY?????????"  By this time I am having a COMPLETE MELTDOWN and I am SWEATING!!!  I DO NOT SWEAT....EVER!!!!!
Needless to say....we have "RUDY" in costume this year!!!! 


QUICK thinking....HUH???  LOL!!!   Sometimes as parents we have to IMPROVISE!!!!  ;)
"RUDY" showed up unannounced and had a surprise party for MC and Nathaniel!!!  It was SOOOOOOOO much fun!!!

Here are some of the fun pics!!!!

Notice the Santa Chairbacks!!!  This is my FRUGAL decorating tip!!  I found these at Daollar Tree for $1!!  The fur around them was VERY UGLY and made them look cheap SOOOOOO I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some FUZZY STUFF and hot glued it around the ugly fur!!!  It makes them look SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!  They are toooo SAAAAWWWWEEEEEETTTT!!!!

"RUDY" wrote letters to both of the kids!!!

These are Santa Hats!!!  Super easy to make!!!  I found the recipe on Tasty Kitchen!!!  I took a regular box of brownie mix and made them using a mini muffin pan!!!  When they cool, you add a strawberry to the top of each one!!!  Then I used whipping cream but I am sure that you could use redi whip!!!  I just piped around the edge of the strawberry and added a dollop on the top!!! 
Aren't the SUPER DUPER CUTE!!!!  I think they are ADRORABLE!!!!!   ;)
AND...the kids LOVED them!!!  :0

Bought these cute cups with straws for $1 at Dollar Tree!!  I used Sprite Zero ( a treat since our kids aren't allowed soft drinks) with a slice of lime!!!

"Rudy" brought gifts, too!!!  Both kids got a cool pair of socks!!!  They were so excited to get their 1st gifts of the Christmas Season!!! 

Sisterly LOVE!!!!  ;)

It was an AWESOME party and we had a blast!!!  The kids didn't even blink an eye about "Rudy" being in disguise!!!  THANK GOODNESS!!!!

I can not wait until tomorrow!! 
See you for
Day 61 Chaotic Countdown and Day 2 of Creating Christmas!!!


  1. So sweet - what a great idea! New follower and co-hosting with you :)

  2. I love the chair covers! I will have to see if our Dollar Tree has them as well lol! New follower and co-host with you! :)

  3. Co-hosting with you this week! Love the idea of a disguised "Rudy!" And the chair cover ideas are so totally going on my to-do shopping list tomorrow!!!

  4. Adorable Randee! We are introducing the elf this year, you have inspired me as always. Love the Santa hat covers too, will be going to the dollar tree today!

  5. I found your blog this weekend....she made your tree skirt and linked to you....I followed on over and got lost in your are so talented.....I'm a blog...but just know I'll be checking in here again and again!!!

  6. Cheryl....THANKS!!!! I look forward to your comments!!! Who made the skirt and linked to me????

  7. Let's see if I can do this....the best with the computer I'm not....ha, ha....

    She actually made two of them to match two different in red as shown in that particular post...and then another one in black and white...she linked to you....I decided that was too cute and needed to come look happy I did!!!

  8. Cheryl.....THANKS!!! I looked her Up!!! Cute Blog!!! I am looking forward to you STALKING the CHAOS!!! LOL!!!! ;)


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