Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 66

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 66!!

We are in Dallas (this is how I escape things I do not like....I leave town!!!  ;)) and we have had a really good day!!  We rode the Grapevine Santa Train and then we went to the Gaylord to the ICE Shrek Show!!!  It was AWESOME!!!  It has kept everyone's minds in a HAPPY PLACE!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE DALLAS!!!!  ;)

I am going to show you how to make an AWESOME bow for your presents by using your own wrapping paper!!!  ;)

PRETTY, huh?????

I took a roll of wrapping paper and measured out  about 18" and cut it along the tube of the roll!!!  NOW this is a MAJORLY BIG BOW!!!

Then fold in half, twice!!

Then you cut slits up the length but leave a piece at the top for your TAB!!!

Then take your scissors and make the curly Q's!!!  BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!!  They will tear, especially if you have thin paper!!!

Then use the "tab" to tape to the paper!!!

I think they are BEAUTIFUL!!!  I will be making these for a lot of packages and for  EVERY occassion!!!  ;)

See you tomorrow for
DAY 67!!!!

PS...THANKS for all the PRAYERS!!!  They are helping!!  Taz is missed terribly!!!  :(
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  1. Thank you, Randee. Very cute bows! You are very creative person. Have a great time in Dallas.

  2. oh i love those and it is on my package...YEAH!! i have plentyof paper and i could have made those...

  3. Great idea! I am going to try this. Sorry to hear about your cat. :( Sending happy thoughts your way!

  4. That looks so easy and the bow is adorable!

  5. So pretty--those patterns look great together!


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