Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chaotic Christmas Countdown Day 76

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 76!!!

ONLY 4 DAYS!!!!  I am NOT ready!!!!  I haven't finished shopping and the wrapping might be the death of me!!!  ;)

Today we had our
GINGERBREAD HOUSE PARTY!!!  In the past we have had anywhere from 1-15 kids!!  This year we had 1!!  I just couldn't do much more this year so MC invited Katie who has been to all of the past parties and Ms. Kay came to help Nathaniel (she comes every year to help him and he LOVES her!)  I have also realized that I can focus on MY kids when we keep it small!
I LOVE this party!!!  It is a BLAST and a lot of fun to see what my sweet babies create!!!  MC is a little bit methodical and Nathaniel's is a COMPLETE FREE FOR ALL!!!! 

Here are the pictures!!!  I have a simple Pampered Chef Gingerbread House Mold and I use the recipes included!!!


These are the 3 MASTER PIECES!!!! 


 Let the PARTY begin!!!

I am JUST the HELPER!!!

Do you see the DIRTY hands?????  LOL!!!

Better pic of the DIRTY HANDS!!!

Traci and Katie!!

Mr. Bill traveled ALL the way from Lubbock for this PAAAARRRRRTTTTTAAAAY!!!
jk....he is KAYKEITH'S Dad!!!

Look at this SWEEEET SMILE!!!

We had a SMALL BLIZZARD come through while making Nathaniel's house!!!  ;0

Another shot of the BLIZZARD!!!

MC's BEAUTIFUL HOUSE!!!!! and face!!!  ;)

Afterwards we exchanged gifts and Katie gave MC the Pinkalicious Game and it was a BLAST!!!  Here are a few pics of the FUN!!!

And making his Daddy PROUD.....Nathaniel WON!!!!  lol!!!

See you tomorrow for
Day 77!!!!


  1. love them....only... 3 u usuallly have a houseful

  2. The children and the houses are adorable! Now I already have a project "pinned" for next year! I just bought the Gingerbread House kits (Walmart had them) and worked on them with our four oldest "Grands." I ended up with too much frosting glue on my hands to take pics, but the kiddoes had fun and took their fun creations to their own homes to enjoy. Your blog looks like a lot of fun, so I'm now following.


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