Thursday, December 8, 2011

Budget Friendly Goodies!!!!

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HEY!!!!  I was talking yesterday about how blogging had brought new friends into my life and today I am going to tell you about an old friend that I have reconnected with through FB and Blogging!!!  Stacy has a really AWESOME blog that has some GREAT ideas for the holidays!!!  You will have to go take a look at her
"Budget Friendly Christmas Goodies!!!!"

Have fun!!!!

My name is Stacy and I blog at Coffee With Me, I was so excited when Randee approached me about sharing my tips for holiday baking on a budget. I love to bake and as far back as I can remember I have always made goodies for Christmas, I love to share them with friends, neighbors, teachers and family, it's such a special way to say Merry Christmas! I have compiled some great tips for you, hope you enjoy!

While making my list of what holiday goodies I wanted to make this year, I also write the ingredients I will need so that I can keep my eye out for coupons and when they go on sale. Each year I like to add a new goodie to the group, I have several tried and true snacks that I will always make, alot of the snacks I make are very economical and I usually already have all the basics on hand and just need to get add key ingredients. When I say basics I mean, sugar, flour, powdered sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar. oil...  I wanted to share some tips for making baking more economical.

I love to make "Orange Balls", an oldie but goodie from childhood that I rediscovered a few years ago and I love these "too much" haha! I won't write the full recipes, but will hit on key needs.  These cookies need a container of frozen oj, nilla wafers, powdered sugar and coconut.  Easy cookie to make!

Snicker Bar Cookies, a roll of Pillsbury cookie dough in flavor of your choice and miniature snicker bars or several large candy bars and just cut into small pieces.. again, easy

Peppermint Popcorn,  pop some low butter popcorn, spread on paper and remove kernels, finely crush some candy canes, which are so cheap it's crazy, sprinkle over popcorn, melt some white almond bark and pour over popcorn, mix and wala, LOVE IT!! and so pretty I might add!

Chex Mix, oh yeah, my fav!!! we all know the key ingred. in this recipe,  I use chex cereals, cherrios, mixed nuts, pretzels.  I buy my nuts at Dollar General, a can is under $3, this is the best place to buy it for a good price, nuts are so pricey...

Ranch flavored Oyster crackers, again DG has these crackers for a $1 a bag and its a big bag, a packet of dry Ranch dressing, put these in a large baggie add some veg. oil, shake the bag to coat, pour on a cookie sheet and bake for about 30 min. on 250, just to mix the flavors and lightly brown, so good, and makes a great snack for a holiday snack table, my kids love them!!!

I buy alot of store brand products, and that makes it more budget friendly in itself,  I love making goodies and packaging them up all cute and giving them to neighbors, friends, makes the holidays so much fun!  As I think of other tips and hints, I'll let you know!!!  Merry Baking!

THANKS, Stacy!!!!  I will be heading out to the store!!!  ;)


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