Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chaotic Chrismas Countdown Day 64

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Chaotic Christmas Countdown
Day 64
Creating Christmas
Day 5

It is AMAZING how busy the holiday season gets, EVERY year!!!  AND,  every year I say that I am not going to commit to so many things!!!!!  :)
It NEVER works out!!!!  Today has been a BUSY day and it will not end until around 10:30 tonight!!!!  WHEW...I am TIRED!!!  loL!!

Last night I was browsing through Pinterest ( I had to have an INTERVENTION so I haven't been on there in a while) and I came across the CUTEST snacks...EVER!!!!!  They came from 
The Inspired Collection!!!  I went to bed last night DREAMING about these snacks and how I could incorporate them into my Christmas goodies!!!!
So DRUMROLL PLEASE................

I give you .......................................


Aren't they BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!  Oh....and DELICIOUS!!!!  ;)

All you need are 4 ingredients!!! 
Pound Cake
Almond Bark
Wooden Skewers

Cut your tops off of the strawberries!  Cut your pound cake into squares!!!  Melt your almond bark in the microwave ( place in microwave safe bowl and melt in incements of 30 seconds until melted!)
Then alternate between strawberries and pound cake until you reach your desired amount!!!  Drizzle the almond bark (with a fork) over the strawberries and pound cake!!!!!

See you tomorrow for
Day 65!!!

For those of you who have said prayers for Taz, THANK YOU!!!  She is not doing well today but I am sitting in the floor blogging so I can be next to her!!!! 

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!! the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!! thanks so much for sharing! : ) hugs from a co host!

  2. this is awsome i think i will make them for the students ...tuesday we are having a little party and i will take these....

  3. Cute! They look delicious. Now I know what to make for a potluck party we are having at school. Thank you!

  4. Quick and easy but look sensational!
    I'd love it if you could link this project to my Simply Christmas Inspiration party at


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