Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mary-Catherine's Valentines!

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I am so excited about MC's valentines this year!!  Since the child is a MINI ME...they needed to be AWESOME and they ARE!!!  ;)

On the actual morning of her party, I will fill these up with helium!!  I am going to tie one to each child's desk!!  How AWESOME is that going to be??!! 

I bought the conversation bubble from
and they are the nicest and easiest people to work with!!  She gave me several tutorials until I figured out how to use my new digital stamps!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!  You have to go check them out!!!

I just cut the lid off of a gatorade bottle and slid the candy inside!!

I have attached a toothpick by cutting small slits into the card and when they leave they can BURST the balloon and get their candy!!! 

TOO STINKIN CUTE!!!!  Even if I have to say so myself!!  ;)


  1. So cute!!! I wonder if I can be a room mom with out having any kids?

    1. Lani...her teacher would LOVE it!! Come on!! :)

  2. very cute:).

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  5. So glad you stopped by so I could find your fab blog! I have an owl fetish!! What a cute little Valentine - love it! New linky follower.

  6. TOO stinkin CUTE! :-)

    I stopped by to follow you on the Linky Party Hop. I hope that you get a chance to do the same! :-)

  7. This is too stinkin cute! Now following you back and thanks so much for sharing on Show Off Saturday.

  8. Awesome! That's going to be soooo much fun for the kids! I love it!


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