Thursday, February 23, 2012

13 Reasons Why

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Have you read the new novel by Jay Asher called

I did....yesterday!  The entire book!  I could not stop reading and seemed to get a little irritated when I had to put it down to go do something!!  This book is so moving and eye opening, that at times it is a little scary!!  It is a story of a high school girl that has 13 "reasons" to commit suicide!  It is eye opening into the thoughts of a teenager and the pain that we all endure at one time or another growing up!  It is also very scary to think that someone you know could be going through the exact same thing and we may not ever even know!!  If you are a parent or have any contact or influence over children, this is a MUST READ!!!  I can not express how much I want everyone to read this book!  It is like I am convicted to tell everyone...."RUN RIGHT NOW AND BUY THIS BOOK!!!!"  If I could, I would buy copies and give them out!! 
 I hope and pray that my children never have to face the things that "Hannah" had to face but if they do I hope that I have the right words and actions to help them!!!

PRAYER for our children is the hope that we have to stand on!!!  


  1. Teens have so many pressures now. My son's English class 1 yr ago were assigned to read about cutting and some if the other issues that are out there. It's really sad what our kids have to deal with and what they are exposed to now days-Stacy

    1. Stacy...I am in the very beginning of the bible study "5 conversations you should have with your daughter" and it makes me so sad and MAD that our society has gotten to thei point!! i do not remember being exposed to any of this stuff!! :(

  2. I am sad to say I knew someone who killed them self. Only we didn't see the signs. He either kept them well hidden. Or we didn't know what to look for. It changed the lives of everyone around him. His father wasn't around much. After he died his father woke up and started spending a lot of time with his kids. Unfortunately it was to late for his one son.

  3. Hey Randee, thanks for the recommendation! I've put a hold on it at the library. the idea of my kids growing up freaks me out. girlfriends and I were just talking about this the other night... the only thing that consoled us is when I said "well, we were all very "risky" girls, but we all grew up to be good women married to good Christian guys. Obviously people were praying for us!"




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