Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bloglovin ANOTHER Network Site I found

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I found another site that allows you to hook up with blogs that you LOVE!!  Here is what they say about their site!

About Bloglovin'

Reading blogs can be a pain in the rear. We created bloglovin´ so you wouldn’t have to visit un-updated blogs, open ten windows in your browser, or forget your favorite blogs web-addresses. With bloglovin´ we wanted to make your blog reading fun and easy.

Sounds sweet! How does it work?

Just add all the blogs you want to follow, and then you’ll get notified every time one of your favorite blogs has written a new blog post.

Why did you build bloglovin´?

We started building websites in a garage in Täby, Sweden and before we started bloglovin´ we were working on our second failed web project, a fashion-community. To get feedback on that idea we got help from three fashion-bloggers, one of them was Carolina Engman. Somewhere between discussions and coffee breaks she checked if any of her favorite blogs had updated. So she picked up a laptop and started typing in their web addresses. A bunch of new windows flew up in her web-browser. Some blogs were updated and others weren’t. It was Chaos.
Here was an opportunity for improvement. Wouldn’t it be sweet if you had one site that notified you every time one of you favorite bloggers had written something new?
We scrapped the fashion-community and started over from scratch. Two weeks later we had our first, somewhat rusty, version of bloglovin´ up and running. One week later, over 1000 people had signed up.
Sure, there were other blog readers out there, but they were technical, boring, and cluttered with features. We wanted to build something for the rest of us. For everyone who doesn't care about the technology behind it. For everyone who just wants things to work.

I have signed up so come take a look and follow me if you like by clicking the link below!!

Good Luck!!


  1. hey, thanks for the comment! i'll definately give ya a follow :D Bloglovin is awesome! I love using it to follow my fav blogs. Imma follow you with that just cuz i use it more than blogfrog :P hehe!


  2. Just joined the other day. Still need to spend some time with it! Great write up:)

    1. I think it could turn out to be a good thing!! I just need to sit down and REALLY go through it!! ;) It is a NEW audience and new followers!!

  3. Just Awarded you the Versatile Blogger award over at Love your blog!

    1. I just jumped off the couch when I read this and started dancing!!! THANKS!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I am amazed that you find all this stuff. You must not sleep :)


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