Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little Girls

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I found out the other day that MC was running around the playground kissing a little boy.....TWICE!!!!  My initial reaction was to go on the defensive and I immediately started plotting just how I am going to handle this VERY "inappropriate" behavior!  Now bear in mind, MC is in bed asleep when I get this little tidbit!!  So I talk to Todd who wants to know just "WHO IS THIS DAVID" and then back to whatever he was doing while I am frantically coming up with my punishments!!!  I lay down to go to sleep and my mind is racing!!  I am thinking..."I could watch people die, blood and guts, limbs cut off BUT I can not handle MC running around kissing boys!!"
Next morning I get up and have to face this situation without Todd because he has left for work!  The whole time I am saying to myself.."Stay calm and be nice!!" did NOT go that good!!  I was mad and she left crying!!  What a way to send your child off to school!  I started crying and doubting myself as a mother!!  Then I started to pray and think about where I went wrong and how could I have handled the situation better!!  Here is what I have come up with (with some help from my husband, mom and friends!)

ONE.....MC is a CHILD!!  A very sweet and vivacious child!  She LOVES life and is fun and silly!!  She is ALL girl!

TWO...she is 6!!  Of course she is running around chasing little boys!!!  I am GLAD that she is!  I could think of several alternatives that I would NOT be happy about!

THREE....She is NOT the only little girl chasing boys on the playground and kissing them!!!  I ran around kissing boys..didn't you????!!  I will never forget JASON JONES!!!  ;)

Four...we are raising MC to be a sweet, young lady!!  When she leaves the house, we have to trust that she will act accordingly!!  She will not always do what is right but that is another part of growing up!  We just have to be confident in the values we instill in her!

Now having said all we want her to continue running around the playground kissing STINKIN little boys???  NOOOOOO!!!!  That is NOT what I am saying!!!  But what I am saying is that ALL kids do things that make us cringe!  If they were perfect, then they would not need us to parent them! 

I am choosing to quit being so hard on her and LOVING her and listening to what she has to tell me!! I am also deciding to trust my daughter and quit always trying to parent to please people around me! I want her to grow up and WANT to come talk to me about her problems and not worry about what my reaction is going to be!!  I will ALWAYS love her and she could NEVER do anything to make me stop loving her!!!

Now as far as that STINKIN boy.....he told her the next day that she was STUPID!!!  lol!!  She has decided that she is just going to focus on her "friends" and not mess with any boys until she gets married!!!! 

IF ONLY............


  1. Too stinkin' cute! Gotta love those days on the playground though. Thanks for sharing. I'll be posting my versatile blogger tonight so check back if you get a chance. Thanks again!

    1. all goes by WAY too fast!! ;)

  2. Patience my dear friend. You will face many challenges much bigger than this. She is a sweet, vivacious little girl. Give her some space!!! I am confident she will surprise you. I luv you!!

    1. Ha!!! You better tell me when she tells you things!

  3. She seems like she is hilarious! Too cute :)

    1. OHHHHHHHHH....she is HILARIOUS alright!!! lol!!!


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