Sunday, January 8, 2012


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WOW...I did not realize that I had not posted since THURSDAY!!!  What in the heck in the world am I thinking???  SOOOOO Sorry!!!  ;)

I have been organizing and selling things!!!  LOL!!  Am I the ONLY Mom that is EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to her kids clothing???  I start crying EVERY time I go through MC's clothes!!!  I wish that I could be like some of my friends that just sell their kids clothes and make a TON of money but I just think about all of the memories and START CRYING!!!!!  BUT I have had a SMALL breakthrough and started selling a SMALL portion of her clothes!!!
The other BIG change going on in our house is Nathaniel is moving into a BIG BOY BED and I am NOT handling it very well!!!  Just another EMOTIONAL roller coaster for me!!!!!  I KNOW that he will be 4 in February BUT he is still my little baby boy!!!!  The other thing is that I painted murals on his walls and now they do not match the
LIGHTNING MCQUEEN RACE CAR BED that we bought him!!!  I am VERY weird about EVERYTHING in my house being JUST the way that I want it and this bed is NOT fitting into the images in my head!!!  ;) 
SOOOOOOO, not to be a DOWNER just a lot of emotions running through me!!!!  I will have to post some pic's of his room!!!  It is sooooo precious!!! 

I did come up with a REALLY COOL organizing tip!!!!!

THIS is under my kitchen cabinet BEFORE

And this is AFTER!!!!

You know how sometime picture do NOT do justice??  This is one of those times!!!  ;)
I took a shower curtain rod and hung it under the cabinet and hung all of my spray bottles on it!!  It freed up a lot of space!!!

Have an AWESOME day!!!!


  1. Calm down, will be OK. Everything does not have to match all the time. I understand wanting everything to match but life won't let it. Love the napkin wreath in the previous post.

  2. I am struggling with the same thing girl! The kids are getting bunk beds to free up some moer space and it's driving me crazy trying to get everything 'just so'!!! Can't wait to see pics - I'm sure his room will ook awesome when you're done!


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