Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Party

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I LOOOOOOOOOVE to throw a good party!!! 

As some of you know, MC was home schooled last year!!!  Well when it came time for the "normal" school parties, it was a little slap in the face about the choices we had made!!  I am EXTREMELY social and so is MC so I made sure that EVERY holiday we had an "EVENT!!!"
Valentine's Day is one of my FAVORITE times of the year!!!  I LOVE all the actual Valentine's that we make and then of course all of the goodies!!!  We invited a bunch of MC and Nathaniel's friends and had a FUN, FUN, FUN Valentine's Day Party!!!

I LOVE the Pottery Barn chairbacks but did not want to pay the price so I made some of my own!!  The really bad thing is that I was not blogging then so I did not do a tutorial!!  I found a tutorial on
Blissfully Domestic!!!    Stop by and check it out!!! 

Marshmallows dipped in white almond bark and then sprinkles!!
Tip......place sticks in floral foam until they dry!!!

Felt flowers that I made by cutting out different sizes of fabric, glueing together and then hot glue to a dowel rod!!!  Add buttons and embellishments to center!!

Nathaniel's VERY last minute Valentine's!!!  I just glued "x's" and "o's" to card stock and added a conversation heart!! 

Tags made and tied on with ribbon!!

I even wrapped the sprinkle bottles with Valentine paper and glued!!

I made the hearts by using a tutorial on

Roots and Wings Company !!!!!

Everyone got a cookie to decorate and eat!!

We exchanged Valentine's by taking turns walking around and placing them in the Valentine Chairbacks!!!

We played a game where you had to pick up conversation hearts with chop sticks!!!! TOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

We had a blast!!!  I LOVED her year of being home schooled but we are making new memories this year!!!  Can not wait to see Ms. Latham's Valentine party!!

Hope you have found some inspiration!!!!!

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  1. way to cute but way to much sugar for your children....so cute...dont know where u get it...

  2. Looks like fun. My kids school, doesn't even have a V-Day party :(

  3. Fun ideas! I have been wanting to make the chair covers and am headed over to check out the tutorial. No way am I spending $20 on one =) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this post! I'm having a linky party, and would love for you to join! Here is the link http://www.thesouthernproductqueen.com/one-stop-shoppe-linky-party-3 Thanks for sharing!!!


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