Friday, January 13, 2012


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For 7 years now we have lived in Oklahoma!!!  And for 7 years now I have been MISERABLE!!!!  I am a TEXAS girl!!!  I like the BIG cities, BIG trucks, BIG buildings and HECK even BIG HAIR!!!!  EVERYTHING in Texas is BIG and I miss it all terribly!!!!
I have never hidden the fact that I HATE living here!!! And it is not that I don't like my friends but I want to go home!!  BUT recently I have had an
A-HA moment after reading a Joel Olsteen book that my friend recommended!!!!!  I have to be HAPPY where I am for GOD to move me!!! 
SOOOOOO.....I woke up this morning and said
"GOD.....I am SOOOO HAPPY that I am living in Oklahoma BUT I KNOW that you have TEXAS in store for me!!!!!!!!!"  ;)
SERIOUSLY......I REALLY did but the point I am trying to make is that I have an AWESOME husband who loves me more than life and two wonderful kids!!  We are all healthy and happy!!!  Why wouldn't I be happy!!!!  I am going to stop focusing on my HATE for living here and focus on the AWESOMENESS in front of me!!!  I do not want to miss one moment of my kids growing up!! 
I LOVE my husband and kid beyond belief and that is enough to make me happy!!! 
You just never know what tomorrow holds so DON'T focus on the negatives!!!!  When you wake up in the morning you have a choice......HAPPY or SAD!!!!  No one but YOU can make the choice!!  The other thing that I have realized is while I am WHINING about where I live there are people who are facing LIFE OR DEATH!!  How selfish is that of me!!! 
SOOOO...from now on.....wait for it.....I have to swallow......I am trying to get it out.........................
I will be HAPPY to be right here in


  1. I am a military wife. So I had to learn to be happy where ever I am. Once you get out and enjoying being there, you will find a lot of great things about the state. One thing, in your pray you said God has Texas in mind for you. That doesn't work. I thought he had Georgia in mind for me. He had other plans. Which was the best thing that ever happened to me. The Lord put me in Vegas. Like you I hated it. But That's where I met my wonderful husband. I learned that even tho we don.t see it God has his reasons for where he leads us.

  2. Hey there! I here you, we just moved this past summer and I have moments when I miss everything back home terribly. BUT, I find that if I dwell on the fact that I am unhappy in this new place, I completely miss all the good in front of me and the happiness that is there. :)

  3. I moved several times growing up, and I can say deciding to be happy wherever God plants you is huge step in actually being content.

  4. I didn't realize you lived in Oklahoma! I do to, born and raised though, I hope it makes you really happy one day! ;)

  5. Good for you Randee! I don't know if you've seen this before, but I think it was meant for you:
    Take care of yourself and your fammily!!


  6. I appreciate your honesty Randee. I have a friend who lives close to me, but her family lives in her hometown, over 20 hours away. She has wasted a number of years hating where she is at too...and can I just say, sometimes it is exhausting being her friend through that. There have been times that I've wanted to stop putting effort into our friendship because of her disdain for my hometown, and her never-ending bad attitude, that tended to make things all about her, all the time. Keep trying, keep learning about your area, and keep trusting in the Lord. Who knows what blessings you've missed because of your attitude? And who knows what blessings you'll receive with your change of heart?

  7. i love this post. i am a strong believer that everyday is a choice. my daughter is probably so sick of hearing me say that, i've been saying it to her for years! i'm not geographically where i would like to be either. i hate winter and i'm in maine :( need i say more? but, i adore my daughter and grandbaby so here we are! life really is good :)

    oh btw, thanks for following my blog!


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