Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Week of CHAOS!!

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Do you ever wonder just WHAT THE HECK I DO all of the time.....TODD does!!  ;)

Here is just a SMALL taste of what goes on in the Hallmark HOME!! 

I made MY favorite chicken spaghetti that Todd
HATES!!!  :o 
I REALLY don't understand how you can actually HATE chicken spaghetti!!

Read "Tickle Monster" 168 times in 3 days!!  NO LIE!! and pretty sure I have carpal tunnel syndrome now!!  WHERE IS DADDY?????

OH WAIT.....he came home only to feed the kids REDI WHIP straight from the can!!

Here is my "hippy" that has developed an attitude that could rival any 16 year old!! 

Proud moment????  Sitting in the chest that holds the CLEAN towels eating cookies (don't judge about the cookie snacks!)....can you say

Feeling like POOP and still baking 100 mini muffins and a cake to make
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
100 Days of School Snack!

Trying for OVER an hour to make these pictures ROTATE and they will matter what I try, do, say, hit, beg....WHERE IS THE WINE????

But on another note....this is "buddy's" sad face that daddy says makes mommy M E L T!!!

This is how our child kidding!!  His rear-end is NOT touching the table!  The rest of the family sits in a chair, you know like HUMANS normally do, but not this MONKEY!!!
And yet, ANOTHER pic that I can not rotate!!

I found the wine....and somehow rotated this pic!!!  This is my German Chocolate cake that my AWESOME husband made me from scratch for my 21st birthday......I am guessing he could not find a "2" so he used the candle I had for Nathaniel's 4th birthday!!!????
 This is what I woke up to on Sunday morning!!  My "bubbies" cooking my cake....something SEXY about a man using a KitchenAid!!!  IJS!!!  :)

And then I had to make "buddy's" class snacks and he wanted MONKEYS so he got MONKEYS!!! 

WHEW....r u exhausted yet???  LOL!!  What did you do this week???  I would LOVE to hear about it!!!  :)


  1. I am very impressed by the homemade birthday cake!

  2. wow im tired from listening to the cool whip from the can and if u think she rival a sixteen year old attitude u r wrong...just u

  3. What a week. Happy Birthday. I am impressed he made the cake from scratch!! Hope this week is quieter - but I know it won't be :)

    1. LOL!!! That is a very TRUE statement!! I am thinking.....BRING IT ON!!! ;)

  4. I was stalking your site and I saw Tickle Monster! That is my Riley's absolute favorite! I appreciate all of the advice you have been giving lately on your site. I want to do so much with my blog, but I feel so lost sometimes. Thank you for sharing.


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