Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amazing Apps

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As the new year gets off to a GREAT start, I find myself once AGAIN talking to myself about my last 10lbs of "baby fat" that I need to lose from Nathaniel (who will be 4 in 2 weeks!!)  I just ALWAYS find an excuse to put that donut in my mouth!!  I have a sweet tooth like nothing you have ever seen before!!  I will eat candy instead of a meal!!  ;)
A friend of mine was looking through a magazine and came across these 2 AWESOME apps for your smart phone!!  She forwarded them to me and I immediately downloaded them and headed to my pantry!!  ;)

The first one is

The first PLUS is the fact that it is FREE!!  ;)  You scan the bar code of the food with your phone and it immediately gives you a readout that includes a

GRADE from A-F
% of people who like the product


It tells you whether or not it contains trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin, and fake ingredients, etc!!  It gives you a list of good and bad for each product!! is the AWESOME part!!  It gives you a FOODPOINT Value that is equivalent to Weight Watchers points!  Now they do not say this anywhere but when you compare with the WW app, the points are the same!!!  ALL in ALL, it is an app I will be using in the upcoming days!!  ;)

The second one is called
My Fitness Pal! 

It is an online food diary that makes you accountable for what you put into your mouth!!  I will admit that this app will be a struggle for me!!  I have downloaded it but not sure how much I will actually use it!!

I also have started a "new" thing where I do not eat before 9:00am and after 6:00pm!!  It has been hard and I will tell you by 10:00, I am DYING!!  ;)

I will be updating about my weight loss but by no means is this a dieting blog!!  I would LOVE for you to tell me what you are doing to lose weight??  Leave me a comment and share so we all can benefit!!!


  1. do u want me to get into this...i will u...and u look perfect like u ur self...look at your pictures and u will see the real u..

  2. by the way the last comment was from me....

  3. Cardiotrainer is a great app to keep track of the calories you burn being active. As a mom who understands those last stubborn pounds you need to combine the two. Good luck!

  4. I use myfitnesspal! Whats your name and we can be friends??

  5. I will definitely be looking into both of these apps. My hubs and I have committed to a lifestyle change (not calling it a diet), & have talked to some nutrition experts & read a lot of info. One of the key "biggies" from what we've heard is that you should eat a substantial breakfast within 30 min. of rising. If you don't fuel those muscles (the only part of your body that burns fat) & get your metabolism going first thing, it doesn't work efficiently the rest of the day. The other key is drinking at least 80 oz. of plain water each day. Again, that relates directly to your muscles which have to be hydrated in order to work effectively. The 3rd key was not to eat breads or cereals (unless it's steel-cut oatmeal) for breakfast. Those types of food make your muscles resistant to burning fat. We are also not allowing ourselves to get hungry by eating something about every 3 hours -- a small bit of fruit, a "few" nuts (Almonds are very good for you) or a cheese stick. This whole way of doing things is really working for us, and we are shedding pounds & feeling really good.

    1. I try not to EVER say tghe dirty word DIET!! ;)

      THANKS for the info!!

  6. These apps sound great! I started walking 2 miles which lead to running 2 miles now last May (might I add HILLS included lol.) I have never been considered a small person, had lots of baby fat then as I got older I couldn't blame my fatness on that anymore. Haha! I always ate, had grandmothers that were great cooks and ALWAYS had something (usually sweet) around their house. I was put down by my mother (who was no super model size) for being fat and lazy all my life! I am not knocking my mother but that never helped me just made me eat more (lol) and have issues over my weight (STILL!) Anywho, needless to say I have always struggled with my weight through out my life (especially when I lost my mother, I am embarrassed to say but I got up to 210 lbs!!!) but I have finally gotten a hold of my weight and eating habits and am proud to say that I now weigh 148lbs! I still am losing and want to lose about 20-25 more lbs. (I'm only 5ft tall lol.) Moral of all my blabber is that I don't consume my calories by drinking them (ppl have NO idea how much is taken in by drinking) I DO eat most anything but in MODERATION and try to snack on something through out the day to keep my metabolism going (never been much on big meals, mostly a snacker.)Don't STUFF yourself, eat till you feel satisfied (this was my problem!) Also, don't quit cold turkey, wean yourself off of things and if you are craving something eat it right then!! If not, you will eat more than normal and that's where you get yourself in trouble. It never hurts to eat what you want just keep it in check! Hope this helps...

    1. Stacey....that must have been really hard!! I am sorry!! :(
      You should be VERY proud of the progress you have made!! GOOD work!!! Keep me posted!! ;)

    2. Yes ma'ma it was hard and still is! Thank you! I am proud but it is still hard to think of myself as "thinner." I am working on that one as well! Lol. Thanks again and will do!!

  7. My REPLY button is not working and it is about to send me OVER the edge!! ;)
    I am a runner but I HATE running in the cold weather so I never accomplish anything in the winter time!! I LOVE all of the information that you guys have given me!! I am working on it and will continue to!!
    If anyone gets the "My Fitness Pal" app let me know and we can be friends and follow each other!! my id is bclynx1

  8. Great info! I use My Fitness Pal off and on... I need to start using it again!!!

  9. Stopping over to say hi from Because I can blog. I think I gotta get me a new phone! It's for health purposes right, so maybe I can get a note from my doctor?


    1. I TOTALLY believe you should be able to get a note!!! ;)
      Write it off on your needed it for your BLOG!!! LOL!


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