Monday, January 23, 2012

Tickle Monster

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Tickle Monster, you say....WHERE??????? 

Have you heard of the Tickle Monster book??  If not, STOP what you are doing, get into the car and go buy it RIGHT NOW!! 
This is the BEST children's book of all times!!  It is a sweet book about an alien MONSTER sent here to TICKLE your kiddos!!  It is sooooo much FUN!! You wear mittens and as you are reading the story, you TICKLE  the body parts that he tells you to!  My kids both laugh so hard that they can't catch their breath!!  I think part of the fun is that ANTICIPATION of being tickled!  They know it is coming!! 
I LOVE to give this book as gifts!  I have had so many parents tell me that their kids love it!!

What is your favorite book to read with your kids???

Ps....let me know what your kids think if you go buy it!!  ;)

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  1. We LOVE this book at our house!! Have you seen the new one out- the Boogie Monster? It has a CD with the book and 'monster feet!' Haven't bought yet but plan on it being a Valentine's gift!! Great idea to give as gift though


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