Monday, January 16, 2012

RANT and RAVE About My Blog

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I am reposting this since I have had some trouble with my Blogger account!!!  Hope everyone will SPREAD THE WORD!!!!  ;)

I came across an AWESOME idea over at Inspire Me Heather that I just had to do!!!  Have you ever wondered what other bloggers and your fans are REALLY thinking about your BLOG????  I know I do!!  I would LOVE to have some REAL feedback about my blog!!! SOOOOO, I am creating a Linky Party that will allow fellow bloggers critique us!!

This linky party will give you a chance to link up your blog and then have a fellow blogger critique your blog ANONYLMOUSLY!!!!!  Doesn't that sound GREAT!!!  You can take their advice to heart or with a grain of salt!!!  It is TOTALLY up to you!!!  The comments will be between me and you!!!!!  ;)
If you decide to HAVE TO BE A FOLLOWER OF THE CHAOS!!!!  ;)

This is how it will work:

1. Enter your blog address (add your link)

2. I will send you two links to critique

You go visit them and email me back with

 your responses!!!
You can give as much feedback as you like BUT you must at least give two responses!! 

1. What do you like about the blog!!
2. What you do NOT like about the blog!!

It is totally up to you how long the critique is

 BUT you need to give enough feedback to

help the person!!

Some examples of a blog critique, tips or

 advice can be:
Does it take the blog too long to load??
Do you like the format??
Do you like the layout??
Is it easy to navigate??
Do you like the design??
Do you ENJOY the content??
Will you start following this blog??

3. Once I receive the critique, I will email you

the responses!!!
  I am the middle man, that way EVERYONE will remain anonymous!!!

4. PLEASE place the "RANT and RAVE"

button on your side bar!!!

5. I would LOVE for you to write a post about

this so other bloggers can have their blog

critiqued too!!


  1. What a fantastic idea! I'll write up a post in the morning.

  2. Randee, I just wanted to let you know that I gave your party a little shout out on my blog today @ I really appreciated the effort on your part in making this happen. I already implemented some changes to my blog because of this party! Thanks again!

    1. Jeanne...THANKS!!!! I am glad that you liked the results!! ;)

  3. New follower from Blogaholic website. Super cute blog! Look forward to reading your blog!

  4. Hello! Following you from this Time For Sharing Tuesday linky!
    What a great idea! I'll be joining this blog hop, too!

    1. MAndy...THANKS for joining!! It works in groups of 3 so I am waiting on one more to link up!!! ;)


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