Thursday, January 12, 2012


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Today I want to introduce you to a friend of mine!!!!  She took my blog and added all of the advertisements!!!  She is AWESOME!!!  She has a few "tricks" up her sleeve!!!  So read what she has to say and then go take a look!!!

My name is Shan and I blog at where I will be sharing a multi-faceted list of helpful tips such as beauty, travel, homeschooling, etc...mixed in with our wild family adventures!
I AM the Queen of Random--so many DIFFERENT ideas swirling around. It's a new blog since I normally spend my time creating and maintaining blogs and websites for others. That's how I met Randee!!! We share an amazing, mutual friend, Spring that gave Randee my name when she went looking for a 'How-to-Guru' of blog design. I help Randee with all the bells & whistles that she wants to add to her blog! Don't you just LOVE her?! She understands that I'm a homeschooling mom so she shoots me an email of what she wants that week and I get to it as soon as possible! It's a great on-line relationship! LOL!
My latest website work is about a very unique and enchanting, secluded island off the coast of Georgia called Jekyll Island. It's an unbelievable place for families and I share cheap family vacation ideas! The legend goes..."If your feet ever touch the sand of Jekyll, you will always return!" You'll have to check out my labor of love site---
I am currently working on my affordable (per gadget you desire) price list that I will be posting on my blog. I have found that most bloggy Moms don't need one big, cookie-cutter web design package. No! You randomly see a few gadgets you'd like to add to your blog or website but aren't sure how to do it. Or you figure you may as well make a little on-line income but aren't sure how to get started. When that happens, you can just shoot me an email...and I can work
on your little list. Simple, quick & convenient!
Great meeting you guys and God bless you every one!
THANKS, Shan for stopping by!!!! 


  1. Very interesting! I am struggling right now between whether or not I want to work hard and grow my blog and make $$, or just keep it for fun and see where it goes! I'll go check out her sight!

    Leanne @ Because (I think) I Can


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