Thursday, May 10, 2012


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Today is one of my sweetest friends in blogland!!  Leanne from 
BECAUSE (I THINK) I CAN!!!  She does some amazing things!!!

Hi Randee, thank you so much for having me here today! Hi everyone!! My name is Leanne and my blog is Because (I think) I Can. I found Randee's blog some time ago, and we became quick blogging friends! I am currently living "the dream". My dream anyways!! After a career in my early 20's as a flight attendant, and then owning my own home-based spa in my late 20's for 5 1/2 years, my hubby and I made the obvious decision that it was now time for me to do exactly what I wanted to do. Be a stay-at-home mom to our 3 beautiful children. However, I still need a little daily escape into my creative side, and that's where blogging comes in! I began my blog; last September, and I also have a Facebook page . I'd love for you to come on over for a visit! Because (I think) I Can is all about my trials, errors, and successes in diy projects, refurnishing and repurposing, parenting and life... and is appropriately named Because (I think) I Can, because I don't have a clue what I'm doing during any of it!! Here's a few examples of what I do: My very first refurnishing project was turning some Craigslist finds from these:
 "Hutch andDeskBefore..." 
To this:  

...the journey of it all starts here;. Because refinishing furniture is a bit inconvenient during the winter months (see my post on What Was I Thinking?! to get an idea on how inconvenient!) I have found new obsessions in creating wall art...  And refinishing and repurposing frames like this, BEFOREafter! 

and this, my new chalkboard frame, ""after!"" read about those here; and here; And, like I said, occasionally I might tell a story or two about my very cute kids! :

  Cute, right? ;) I also have a new series named "Fame On Fridays" where I showcase one of my readers each week. If you are interested in being featured, check out this link here;. You can follow my blog; by email, RSS feed, pinterest;, Linky Followers, or Facebook;, all found on the sidebar of my blog! Thanks for reading my post over here and thanks again to Randee for having me! xo, Leanne


  1. What amazing transformations...definitely toot your horn!

  2. Oooh, I LOVE DIY projects... especially since we're in the process of buying our new house!!!

    And your kids are GORGEOUS:) I am a SAHM to my 5 kids... well, the first one is grown and gone, but I've still got 4 to go.

    Great post! I'm off to check out your other pages!

    1. thank you so much!! my hubby and I were just day dreaming last night about what life will be like when the kids are grown an move out... bitter sweet, I assume!
      Thanks for following me on my Facebook page!!


  3. super cute! love her family rules :)

  4. Dear Leanne!
    Came over to check your post!
    It was great to know more about you!!
    I Loved what you did with the old frames!
    I followed you on Pinterest!
    I am new in blogging so I still need to know how to use all these tools properly. Just started Pinterest a few days ago.

    1. OOOPS!! Forgot to say: ADORABLE KIDS!!!!
      Great that you are home with them!!!


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