Friday, May 11, 2012

Nina from Atir Inspired Decor Guest Post

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Today is a little EXTRA treat for you guys!!  A fellow Texan blogger that I have become friends with has an AWESOME tutorial that I am sharing with you!!  We will call it 


I must give Randee a VERY BIG THANK YOU for featuring me and my Cloud Hanging Pendant Light. I was inspired by many bloggers that were making yarn/jute/rope hanging pendant lights. I liked them, very much, so much that I thought I could make these but step it up just a bit! So while I was at my favorite thrift store I saw they had bin after bin of bags of Halloween spider webs so I bought four packages for $.25 knowing all along that I wanted to make this light. I was not sure how it would turn out but it was worth a try since I had everything else at home~ This is what I used:
I mixed the corn starch 1/2 cup, with 4 oz glue, 1/4 cup warm water mixed it all together and soaked the webbing in the mixture then I very painstakingly opened the web, being careful not to stretch it out so much and just started to apply it to the ball.
After I got it all around the ball I set it out to dry, I let it dry over night & when I brought it in to remove the ball I did not like what I saw so I made another mixture I applied another layer of the webbing but this time I did not soak it in the mixture instead I applied it to the ball dry & added the mixture to the webbing & ball in small amounts. Set it out to dry for a day and when I removed the ball this is what I came out with~
Please stop on by my blog Atir Inspired Decor to read the full story plus so many others! Thank you again Randee~big hugs! Thank You & Many Blesings

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  1. Thanks for introducing a wonderful blogger to us, Randee!


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