Saturday, May 12, 2012

Easy, Fast Mother's Day Gift

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My AWESOME friend Cami is sharing with us a QUICK and EASY Mother's Day Gift!!

Gather your supplies!!
yarn or ribbon
Glue gun

Cut 2 pieces of fabric into any shape or size you choose.  Pin the 2 pieces together with right sides facing out and cut with pinking shears!  Leave the pin in place so the sides will match up!
Hot glue 3 sides together!  Glue about 1/4 of an inch away from the edges! 

Use the 4th unglued side to fill with your choice of potpourri.  Push the potpourri away from the edge and glue the 4th side together , including a ribbon or yarn out of the corner with a gift tag attached!

Don't forget to embellish the outside corner with a bow or flower!  You can use a scrapbook button like shown!! 

These are SUPER easy and SUPER CUTE!!

THANK you my sweet friend, Cami!!  LOVE your ideas!!!  THANKS for sharing!!


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