Monday, May 7, 2012

Blog-A-Pal-Loosa Day 2

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Just ANOTHER giveaway that I am PRAYING I win!!  I can see MC prancing around in this!!  ;)

Pink Lemonade Apron and Chef Hat 
with matching Recipe Cards
 A 4T (ish - it could probably fit 3T-5T quite easily since it's adjustable), easy on/off (yeah velcro!) chef hat and apron set, hand made by me. The pink fabric has little tiny polka dots on it that don't show up on camera, so I think it's even sweeter in person.

Oh and of course I had to include some matching recipe cards, because every new chef has to start her recipe collection at a very young age!

To enter, hop over to my blog Rhapsody of Cacophony. Good luck!

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