Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did that REALLY Just Happen????

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BEWARE of the Newspaper

I was sitting at McDonald's a few months back and a man walks in, I glance up and for some unknown reason watch him!  He walks over and picks up the newspaper from a stack on the table!  Now this is the same stack that EVERYONE that comes into McDonald's reads!
He then walks WITH THE NEWSPAPER into the BATHROOM!!!!!!!!
So we go on having our breakfast when about 10 minutes later he strolls out of the bathroom, looking rather CONTENT, and tosses the newspaper back down on the table!!!  Now I swear to you, I am sitting there with my mouth on the floor!!!  WTH (what the heck) just happened?????  R U KIDDING ME!!  I just have to sort out the facts in my head!!

1. He took the newspaper into the bathroom
3. He had to lay the newspaper on the floor to wipe! I have really tried to reason another solution but just can't unless he laid it on the commode!
4. He then had to pick up the newspaper with the hand that he just wiped his rear with!
5. He brings it back and puts it on the table for EVERYONE else to read!!

I am SPEECHLESS!!! ( not very often)

I just kept thinking WTH was this man thinking!! 

So I am traumatized and my kids are not allowed to go ANYWHERE near the "paper table!!!"



  1. That's hilArious!!!!! And disgusting of course. But I am imagining your face and am pretty sure I know exactly what you looked like. I am actually surprised you didn't call him out on it.

  2. That is so gross, but you have a funny way of telling it. I am enjoying your blog! I am a new follower from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky @

  3. It was just WRONG on so many levels!! ;)
    Vicky....glad to have you!! ;)


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