Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Work out from H%&*!!!!!

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YOU want me to do WHAT?????????

Ok....as most of you know, I am NOT a workout freak and I intake more SUGAR than any sane person should in a lifetime!!  I KNOW, I KNOW!!!  But I just can't help myself!!  I always say that I am going to stop.....RIGHT after this BAG of powdered donuts!!  ;)

Soooooooooo, I have these 10 lbs that seem to stick to my rear that I need to get off but at the same not requiring me to "give up" any of my FAVORITE CARBS!!!  I run a couple of times a week but it is just not cutting the MAYO (if ya know what I mean!!!) and this my friends was what took me down this BARBARIC road that I am on!! 

Todd was telling me about this new "program" (excuse me while I CHOKE) that the MMA people are using to workout!!  So me being OBLIVIOUS to what MMA was, I convinced my BARBIE friend to come join me!!  We bee bop out of the car like we are headed for a shopping trip and enter what I will refer to as "HELL" These men are all kicking, hitting and throwing each other to the ground!!  Now picture 2 BARBIES that just landed in the middle of a war zone.....can you say "deer in headlights".....;)

I am thinking we should have turned and RUUUUUN but NOOOOOO we stayed!!!   It was HORRENDOUS!!!  I did not think it was possible to do the things he made us do!!  I will have to say that it was the fastest 30 minutes of my life!!;)  We walk out holding our heads up high and think we must not be so bad...WE MADE IT!!!! 

Now this is where the story gets a little CRRAAAAAZZZYYY!!  The next day I "thought" that I couldn't move BUT little did I know.....It was the day after that I KNEW I was going to die!!!  I had to ROLL out of bed!!  It was INSANE!!!!!  ;0

K.....forward to the next week!!  My "friend" has to go get her hair done and I am left to endure the "torture" all by myself!!  THIS is just a glimpse of what we have been going through...
100 situps
100 pushups
100 squats
40 throw the 50lb bag
40 fall down, do a push up and and then jump back up

(sorry, I don't know the terminology)
AND as if that wasn't enough we had to then do
20 pushups...1 squat
19 pushups....2 squat
18 push ups.....3 squats
17 pushups....4 squats

ect, ect, ect,.......

SOOOOO, if you see me walking a little strange...DON'T SAY A WORD!!!!!!! ;)


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